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Anybody else ever have to roll up the pants and jump in to retrieve an animal!? 😂😂 at least we were able to get the truck down to the tank to pull him the rest of the way out ! #hunt_az #elk #elk101 #elkhunting #archeryhunting

Terry’s late archery bull hunt couldn’t have gone better. We only had a day and a half to hunt on what can be a pretty tough tag. On the first evening he was able to arrow this awesome broken up 6 point! So cool that @tag_bross was able to be there for his dads first bull, congrats @tpbross!!! #hunt_az #elk #elk101 #elkhunting #archeryhunting

3 years ago today ole HK and I had a morning for the books! We had seen something like 18 bucks before we were able to double up on these 2 awesome deer! Not to mention we were living with @daringillies15 at the time and he had smoked a nice buck that day too! @hkimmel #hunt_az #couesdeer #couesdeer

I had mentioned earlier that when I first seen Collins buck in 2015 it was with another good old buck. @daringillies15 ended up drawing the rifle hunt in there after some game planning and a quick scouting trip ol Darin was able to turn him up on the first day of his hunt and get him in the dirt! 2 years later we returned and Darin smoked another nice buck! Gotta love when you turn up a great spot that produces year in year out! #couesdeer #hunt_az #gohunt #coueswhitetail

Here’s an awesome pic from Collins buck taken in August 2015. I took this pic while we were out archery hunting as this buck took a different trail and was at about 80 yards. All I could do was watch him as he walked off. We busted out butts to try and pick him up but never had any luck finding him again that season. The coolest part about it was he was with a nice old 3 point that @daringillies15 was able to shoot out of the spot on the rifle hunt that year ! #hunt_az #couesdeer #coueswhitetail #gohunt

Got it done yesterday on the first morning with @collintrouty and @jonlindy!! We absolutely SENT IT into the steep and deep early yesterday morning and caught up with a buck I’ve got some old history with! Out of all the deer I’ve seen on the ground this was hands down the oldest buck I’ve ever laid eyes on. He’s regressed quite a bit since I seen him in 2015 when I had him at 80 yards with my bow ! More pics to come... #hunt_az #couesdeer #coueswhitetail #longrangeshooting

So stoked to see what the boys get put together from @stockettofficial muzzy elk tag from this year. Hands down one of the best single mornings of elk hunting I’ve ever had!! @marcusandreweden @adammclain @bivvyproductions #hunt_az #elk101 #elk #elkhunting #muzzleloader

Jealous of all you guys who have tags starting tomorrow. I shot this buck August 31st this year and was able to donate my rifle tag to a Military Vet. Can’t wait for January Arizona Archery and Rifle Mexico Coues Deer! #hunt_az #couesdeer #coues #coueswhitetail

Hundreds of Coues Deer hunters will be hitting the field here in AZ tomorrow! Good luck to everybody stay safe, shoot straight. Here’s my 2017 buck from the early hunts! #hunt_az #couesdeer #coueswhitetail #hunting

Some awesome pics from the pack out on Brett’s hunt. We opted to hunt this herd of elk that was miles from any road to give Brett the full experience for his first tag. Such a rewarding experience to go out there an earn it! #hunt_az #elk #arizona #riflehunt

What a day! We were able to sneak in tight on a herd of elk to get Brett his first big game harvest! Great time with the dream team. @c.p3rry @hkimmel @suds_415

It’s days like these that you will remember for a lifetime. #hunt_az @adammclain @stockettofficial @marcusandreweden @chrisbeall

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