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Jake Sierzega  One Fourth of Dreamer & Son Rock Artist | Bookworm | Writer [dr+sn] ⤵️


• Texture •

• Glory>Victory •
So many beautiful faces filled up @thespotboston last night. You make our DreamTeam possible.
- New music is being written.
- New schemes are being hatched.
- I'm developing a caffeine addiction (help me).
Thanks for the clips @ariff.d

• Nipped Ears Cold Toes •
There's no heat in my house and these floors have teeth. Cold toes always pitter-patter best to the beat of winter blues anyway, if that's the tune we've got to sing. Maybe this year I'll freeze half to death, then the holes in my socks and pockets can have what's left. Find me in bed, lover - even jump in. There's a chill settled through your end and I'm sorry but these sheets are just too thin to patch with dollar bills.

• ecstasy •
I'll trade every bit of comfort for it.
Photo by @delorestudio

• sun'sisters & co. •
I don't know who took this.

• swipe left for spooky boys •
The Mudrock was a hit, thanks for destroying our house.
Thanks for the pic sunsista @annabellarosee_

• cause a little chaos •
Life is hectic, hellish, and heating up. So to cope we (DRSN) are throwing an honest to thomas Halloween jamboree, this Saturday. Come get loosey goosey with loud music and high times (at Dreamer-high).
@jashporra took this photo.

• curves n' coffee •
@gabrisegui took this on her iPhone that's pretty cool thanks @apple

• Do You Love? •
I've been hungover before and I bet you have too, so (if you haven't, let's assume - for the sake of common ground) you know a bit about the tumble.
You know you're fucked. You knew it last night; that moment the last batch of peach flavored formaldehyde was forced down. So dig it.
It's noon, the blinds are closed and you're feeling so safe and secure under the covers. The light that does come through still wants to drill blind spots in your vision, but the worst was slept off. You're going to start your day. Pony boy's gotta go for gold first, right? In fact you're half way to the kitchen and your first piece of floppy toast when you feel the tumble. Except it's less of a feeling and more of a knowing, cus' with the tumble your whole body evaporates into a single thought. You stop. You turn, and suddenly all you are is a distant siren wailing "ho' boy time to push!" Soon enough you're back in that body, turning tail and making time to the nearest porcelain bowl. That's the tumble, a total freeze frame before gravity takes over again.
Now imagine you're me. Your day's winding up to be something good. You're halfway down the hall, in fact. (one foot, in front of, the other) - and then the tumble. Except there's no where to run. There's no where to push, so why panic? You can't vomit depression like you do that last call. Complete, unnecessary sadness doesn't just evacuate itself. When you're bipolar, it sits in the back of your mind (kind of like that last drink) until you're feeling just fine enough to forget that gut numbing weightlessness before the fall.
So you stand there in the tumble, and when gravity seeps back the only next step is letting it settle on your shoulders.
The tumble's gonna come again. So, Do you love?
If you made it this far, then thanks my dear reader. You probably know me better than most.
@jashporra took this photo.
"The Reach" by @stephenking inspired this.
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Did a bit of modeling for one of my favorite company's fresh merchandise line.
More 📸 on the way, thanks to @jashporra - the mind behind the lens.
ISO a model? Slide right into my dm's - will work for dinner and a coffee.
#drums #sjc #sjcdrums #model #malemodel #merchmodel #merchandise #softlight

• new home, new record & schemes •
We were matching so I made him take this.

• assert dominance •
or am I
📸 - @shred_therapy

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