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Jake Campos  #Fatcats #Steadyrollin #hillrdboyz

Gotta hit that turned wheel pose one time for the one time. S/o to @_awwrdy i got you on the finders fee. Haha Even more thanks to the homie @kamal_narinesingh @nvscustoms for beasting my old and New wheels around all day!!! #nvscustoms #lifted #ram #ecodiesel #ram1500longhorn #24x12 #americanforcewheels #24son37s @americantrucksrambuilds @americanforcewheels @ramtrucks @_ramstyle_

Three weeks post OP today and I’m healing like a champ! 11tendons, 1artery, and 1nerve. Got staples out Monday 🤘🏼Preciate the ones checked on me after but the loved ones are the real mvps helping me dress and wipe my ass. I’m right handed so I’m good but I’m lazy so why not milk it LOL 😅😅

Needs a good wash and polish but I wanted to say a big thanks to the homie @blacktopindustries for knocking this out for me. Rides like a dream and came out better than I could have hoped. “I thought you said you weren’t gunna lift it”. Yeah well I’m weak so bite me. I almost got to 7 months.. #ram #ecodiesel #longhorn #liftedtrucks #ramgang #americanforcewheels #toyotires #littledickgang @ramtrucks @_ramstyle_ @americantrucksrambuilds @americanforcewheels @zoneoffroadproducts @toyotires @customoffsets

The best solution to avoiding Monday’s I’ve found so far 😅😅😅

Drove all the way home for this. I’m truly blessed, and i couldn’t ask for anything more in life. I can’t be home for Mother’s Day but this is good enough for now to have the whole family with me. I may not be home as much as I like but my family is good and I can’t be more thankful.. this woman is my entire world. I love you Momma. #mommasboy

When you work hard and save for years... maybe one day you too can buy yourself your dream car. #blessed #thecomeup #motivationmonday #hustlehard

South Texas sky scrapers.

Baby Jacob was reppin the champs yesterday 😅😅😂 jk this is an old pic but y’all get the point

Another basic ass rig photo.

Im late as hell it’s been a crazy week this week coming back out to the field and trying to learn a new tool.. but my birthday last weekend was everything I could have hoped for with a few of my closest buddies. Missing a couple but all i could ever ask for.. it’s crazy when you think about it knowing some of these guys for 20 years and more doesn’t even seem that long ago. #blessedtosee27 thanks to everyone that took the time out to wish me a happy birthday Sunday and Monday I tried to reply to everyone.

#mood on this wonderful go Texan day.

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