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Jake Wilson 

Remember to live your life to the fullest. Not just on special occasions but every single day. Do this not only for you but for the brothers and sisters that paid that ultimate sacrifice. When it comes time to punch your own time card you donโ€™t want to look back and regret anything. I challenge everyone to live a life that when that time comes you can look back and smile. That way, when you get to the pearly gates and you meet those brothers and sisters you can look them in the eyes and honestly say you never forgot them. That you lived a life with enough joy for the both of you. #rltw #remembereveryonedeployed #forthefallen #concerts #imaginedragons #22aday

I know I praise @polymerperformance a lot but when they produce quality builds like this... well, can you blame me? Customer wanted his logo incorporated into the paint and boy did they deliver!! #gunporn #rltw #veteranowned #vortex #guncandy

After my second hip surgery in 2015 I never thought I would squat again. Well, after 3 years of building my stability muscles, rehab and general healing I have finally comfortably busted into the 300s. Today was a mile stone for me with 4 sets of 5 and 345lbs. It goes to show that with hard work and dedication anything is possible! Of course I have to represent @polymerperformance on this big day! #RLTW #powerlifting #squats #goals #dedication

Nothing but the absolute best from @polymerperformance For all your pistol and rifle needs they will deliver! This pistol is awesome!

Still haven't thought of a name for her yet... #rs #racecar #focusrs #awd #turbo

Traded in the Jeep for a #RS. Time to make it mine! #focusrs #racecar #rs @focusrs_owners

Had a great day at Barton Springs with these crazy peeps. Awesome breakfast at #kurbylanecafe followed by the first #bartonsprings trip of the year!

Life isn't about going to work every day to just pay bills. Life is about going out with your #squad and making new memories! Thanks again @haillhail for the awesome photos!

Great night out with the #squad! Thanks for the great photos @haillhail

It's not about the money spent. It's about the friends you make! #jeep #jk #AJP #austinjeeppeople

I can't even with Austin's face.... (far right) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Great time at #taosskivalley

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