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Were you searching for some fresh music? Well, your search ends here.
@tanya_nambiar is a talented singer/songwriter and a multi-genre artist. She recently got nominated for the Global Vima Music awards for her original composition- Two Lost Souls. She describes her music as a smooth blend of pop, rock and blues. Girl, we are all up for it!
She released her debut EP "Good Girls Gone" in 2017 and is currently working on her next EP. Which we definitely cannot wait for.
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The official aftermovie of #Catharsis18 is out!! Hit the link in the bio and check it out now.

That's a wrap on another housefull event.
Thank you to everyone that came down and made the evening a beautiful hit.
Thank you to @atktin and @beyondthebyte for the support and to our wonderful performers who made the evening a rememberable one.
We hope to see you for our next event! ☺️ 📸 - @navidgowani

Here is the list of the musicians who are going to perform today for Catharsis 2018:
1. Shashank Chandel:
Shashank Chandel is a talented independent artist from Mumbai. He is a trained Indian classical singer, guitarist & bass guitarist. He has a keen interest towards indie and folk music from the time he started his musical journey. He has been performing at various venues exploring and refining his content and performing style with the audience. Although Shashank does not come from a musical family background, thou he has stepped into performing music with their support. Also, Shashank is influenced by the most popular Hindi folk music culture artist such as Papon, Swarathma, Raghu Dixit Project, Indian Ocean, Coshish, Ankur Tewari and The Ghalat Family, Prateek Kuhad, Indus Creed and so forth. For Shashank, the Indie Music Scene Is all about "Describing Our Own Life and the Rest Is The Magic That Happens With Music.”
2. Harshill Nichani:
I have been very passionate towards music since my childhood. I love to explore the up’s and down’s of life and hate stability. Born and brought up in a small city in Madhya pradesh I have always been taught the balanced way of living life.
I started training in music when I was 13.
Now here I am, a small town guy, seeking for opportunities in a world where talent and destiny are the major factors for success. Harshill believes in “I have always been of this thought that if you keep working hard in the correct direction you definitely end up achieving your goals”

Come and watch all performers today at 7pm In Cat Cafe Studio, Andheri.

Here are some of the musicians who are going to perform tomorrow at Catharsis 2018 :
1. Sanjana Devarajan:
Sanjana Devarajan is a dreamer, learner and most certainly a musician. If she is not singing, she's writing or composing. Being a Singer-Songwriter is her plan A and there is no plan B. She says, 'If I get into IIM-A, I'd think of it as a failure'. She believes she's not meant for the conventional and hence says, 'I'm learning to bridge the gap between what I plan to do and what I do'. She makes art off her misery and hopes to get paid for it! Greatly inspired by Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift, she aspires to write songs as relatable as theirs. If you are fan of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, you will definitely love her performance.
2. Ryan Lobo:
From being the lead singer at a school musical, to taking the stage for Jai Hind College, this 19 year old has come a long way. His journey has just begun. He takes inspiration from singers like Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Sam Smith, but his journey is all his own. This CA-aspirant has always looked beyond the norms, and pushed his limits, whether in life or in singing. It is no doubt that the notes he hits will stand proof to this.
He comes to you, presenting himself, as his own brand, bringing to the table what you’d least expect.
Ryan Lobo, is much, much more than mere pillow talk.
3. Yash Warrier:
Yash Warrier is a singer, pianist, arranger and a Mass Media student based out of Mumbai. Having been trained in Indian Classical Vocals and percussion for more than 11 years now, he's also been learning western music and is currently in his 8th Grade of the Trinity College of Music London. The genres that he performs are Indian Classical and Pop Music. He's performed at various places such as The Piano Man Jazz Club, The Habitat, Cuckoo Club, performed alongside Usha Uthup and has performed at multiple concerts. Catch him live at Catharsis organized by Jaihind Music Cafe on 25th September at Cat Cafe Studio, Versova.

We are overwhelmed with all the love Catharsis has received. ♥️ However, we can only have so many people for the evening.
Our pre bookings are shut now.

You can still get your tickets on the spot. We will try to accommodate as many people as possible on first come first serve basis.
Be there at Cat Cafe, Versova, Tomorrow from 7 pm onwards.

The wait is over. Tomorrow is the day! If you already haven't, get your tickets today!
Contact -
Urvashi - 8433861313
Nishant - 9987070649

Don't miss out on an evening full of magic.

Here's a glimpse at our Poetry Artists for Catharsis 2018!

1. Shobhit Narang:
Shobhit Narang has been a seeker, spiritual enthusiast and a curiosity-driven learner at the school of life. Brought up with the traditional ideologies of selflessness, grace, blessings, karma, and forgiveness, he tries to weave those values in his work. When it comes to love, he’s a great believer of old school romance. He loves talking about complex human emotions and vulnerabilities. For him, art is all about being honest. He has written a zine called “The Right Foot” as a fundraiser for Autism Welfare. “I want things to change. I’ll write. If words will not bring the change, then what will?”
2. Sanjana Rao: 'Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to
And love leaves exactly when love must'
Mine came at a time when I was struggling to understand the complexities of why people behave the way that they do. It was almost six years ago that I got interested in writing and almost three when I first got to attend a slam poetry event. From that moment on I knew what it was to fall in love for the very first time. For words never made sense whenever I spoke them outloud, I started to recite things inside my head, but never really got to perform in front of an actual crowd untill now. I usually write about sonder- about human complexities and relationships and the same reflects in my poem "A Relationship with Cigar." ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
3. Parth Chhatrapati:
Parth Chhatrapati is a science student by profession and a poet by passion. He believes in writing for himself.
“Jo khud k liye likhte hai woh lekhak hai,
Jo dusro k liye likhte hai woh toh bas sevak hai.”
Most of his late night adventures include watching Real Madrid matches and penning down absurd philosophical theories.
He is a staunch believer of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the symbolic outlook of it at least (he doesn’t understand the scientific one).
"Anything could happen literally anytime, you never know what happens when, live your life in moments, live your life in the moment." “When they all have gone for their gain,
kicking me down the drain,
give me a book, a pen,
and watch me as I rise again.”

Missed Catharsis last year?
Don't worry, we are back with some chilling poetry performances and some soul soothing, transporting acoustic music.
Feel the magic of Catharsis Through Song and Poetry all over again.
Be at the @catcafestudio from 7 pm onwards on the 25th of September

Book your spot today!

Urvashi - 8433861313
Nishant - 9987070649

#JaiHindMusicCafe #Catharsis18

Thank you @middayindia for the feature in today's newspaper.
We are extremely thrilled and excited to stun you with a night filled with beautiful poetry and acoustic music.
We know you wouldn't want to miss it.
Catharsis is happening on 25th September at @catcafestudio in association with @atktin .
Get your tickets today!

Only limited seating
Contact them now!
Urvashi - 8433861313
Nishant - 9987070649

#JaiHindCollege #JaiHindMusicCafe #Mumbai #JhMc #Catharsis #Music

Presenting to you our line-up for Catharsis Through Song and Poetry!
Happening on 25th September, 2018.
We would love to see you guys there!
Book your seats now!

In association with @atktin . Thank you for the help.
Artwork - @vivaan_rupani
#Catharsis18 #JaiHindCollege #JaiHindMusicCafe #Mumbai

Welcome our first performer for Catharsis Vishnu Jampa! @letsdothejampa
Vishnu Jampa is a versatile vocalist who is no stranger to live events; having had performed at venues like SodaBottleOpenerWala, Brewbot, The Little Easy and more.
While her style may be Western Acoustic Pop, her passion lies in Jazz. She rearranges the songs she sings which makes her beautiful performances even more interesting.
Wondering how Vishnu will surprise her audience this time?
Be at The Cat Cafe Studio in Versova, on the 25th of September at 7 pm, and witness the magic yourself!
Get in touch with us and get your spot now.
Urvashi - +91 84338 61313
Nishant - +91 99870 70649

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