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Jaide Glenn  I like to tattoo eyelids and eyebrows 🤪

She’s starting to look like a big dog now 😭 #greatdane #danesofinstagram

We are officially home owners. 😍 #334 #puppyhouse #tinyhouse #littlebutfulloflove

10 weeks old, giant baby, and already costing me a fortune. At the vet getting Ruca baby’s eye checked out. Thinking possible Cherry Eye. It makes her look so sad. #greatdane #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdanepuppy

Ruca girl is 10 weeks old now. She’s sassy and sweet. #greatdane #greatdanesofinstagram #backsleeper

Happy adoption day to my crazy and sweet boy! One whole year with Sancho ❤️❤️

I made these today. Ombré powder brows. 👌🏻 I love tattooing brows

This is my sister. She’s 15 months younger than me. She’s a pain in my ass. She steals my clothes. She is my mom’s favorite (Don’t even try to deny it, kami). She annoys me. She makes me wanna throat punch her. But no matter how mad I get at her, I can’t imagine a day on earth without her. She might not love me the way I love her, but she doesn’t know what it’s like to be a big sister. I would do anything imaginable to keep her safe. I would end my own life to make her happy. She gave me my nephew. She gives me smiles, usually after she makes me mad. She’s who i want to call when things go right OR wrong. I tell her the truth. I tell her everything, even if she doesn’t want to know. So today, on national sibling day, I want to tell @tawni.cosmo that I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. I miss you even when I just saw you 20 minutes before. I don’t ever hug you, and I don’t tell you that I love you enough. But i do. You’re my favorite person on earth, Twani WeWann.

I had wayyyy to much fun taking pictures of myself with tawni’s little set up today.

@tawni.cosmo is the best at vivids

Here’s the last one before going back to blonde. 👍🏻 #pinkhair #pulpriot #soontobeblondie #mypapalikesmeblonde @tawni.cosmo

Look at my cute girl in her new harness! Leash training starts tonight!

Well, she’s broken now.

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