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Each time I come here, I am left surprised pondering at the beauty of this place. Somehow the monument hasn't received its fair share of fame. In a way, it is good.

Eugenia, surely one of the mad girls I've ever met. She is on a self actualization trip to India. When we randomly bumped into each other at Rishikesh, I didn't know what an energy bomb she was. Capable of doing some unthinkable yoga mudras, she is one person full of life. All of this, with a smile enough to break mountains of ice.

She recently joined Instagram, you can follow her madness here @eugehumanseed
#cinemagraph #incredibleindia #himalayas #rishikesh #waterfall

This is what happened when the cold and milky white rays from the moon touched icy cold glacial water of the river Ganges. This view with the full moon is always a luxury.

Second cinemagraphs from the series. At Rajpath, when the sun rises just just behind India Gate.

#Cinemagraphs have always fascinated me. This opens up a whole new medium to the world of photography. These photos make the scene live and help you tell the narrative in a more expressive manner.

You'll see some more from my account in the coming few days.

After a spell of rain last night, the morning was comparatively colder than usual. As Delhi wakes up, there are people around us who make it livable for us everyday.

This beautiful serpentine tar road stretches from the sleepy town of Nain bagh to Uttarkashi. It rained throughout the day followed by snow spells in higher regions. Ride was as delightful as walking on a flower bed.

The full moon πŸŒ’ on holi day was setting on one side, the Sun wanted to say hello from the other and it manage to come up hurriedly in time. I was lucky to be standing there to witness this conversation.

Three villages had passed and I had been hearing a distinctly recognizable whistling sound coming from far. I was curious but not so much that I would go after the sound.

I was staying in #Markha village that day and suddenly around afternoon, I heard the same sound again. Just like a bollywood movie sequence, I played the protagonist and went in search of it. I reached this site.

Speechless. Absolutely astonishing. The grand-parents in the family were winnowing the fresh crop of #barley with a rhythm of beautiful whistle accompanying it. My curiosity was at the top most level. "Julley ji! I've been hearing the same whistling sound for the last three days. Is it some Ladakhi song? Why do you whistle?" "It is a tradition here. The whistle induces a wind-flow in the region that helps us in #winnowing". Tradition and beliefs.

Back in the places where machines could reach, none of this would happen. These machines would take just about 4 hours to accomplish the same task that people in these difficult to reach regions complete manually in a lot more time. "How long will you take to work on all of this crop?" "We'd sing, we'd dance and before we know in about 20 days, it'd all be done." The old man, about 70 years of age, smiled and continued his work.

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I gathered pictures from all my travels, month-wise. Picked the best from every month, and you have a #calendar in front. A lot of thinking has gone behind building it.

What all comes as a part of the package?

There are two versions of the calendar. Both of them come with unique photos. That means 24 pictures from all over India (okay, slightly biased towards north, but attribute it to my closeness to the himalayas). #Minimalistic #design, no information overload. Write on it, make it yours.Wall Calendar is huge! 17x21 inches. Printed on premium art paper. Both the calendars have a perforated line that can be used at the end of a month. Pictures becomes posters and the calendar becomes your archive.

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This is how Leh surprised me this time.

It was my second restful day in the city and while I was still deciding what to do with the next few days, I thought of visiting Shanti stupa post evening. I wasn't expecting a milky way sighting since Leh is a brightly lit city and light pollution would probably not allow it. But here we are! Also, the town in full glory for you.

#leh #ladakh #milkyway #nightsky #shantistupa #indianhimalayas #mountains

Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur
March '16

#fort #palace #jaipur #heritage #rajasthan #incredibleindia

Our place of stay in Sikkim. The room overlooked mighty himalayan mountains. On a clear sky day, Kanchenjunga would be clearly visible from here.

#homestay #relax #donothingbreak #sikkim #bigsthang #mountains #indianhimalayas

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