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A billion star hotel!

Somewhere in the lower Himalayas, built beside the route of a traveler on a journey from the mountains to the end of the land. A traveler who know how to go from highs to lows, ultimately to disappear and reappear at the highs again. A constant observer, this.

खिड़की के उस पार एक नदी रहती थी

I couldn't do much but marvel over these views. Gaagar village, Kumaon Himalayas.

After a few minutes, when the view cleared, we found ourselves standing by this written boundary wall. Fresh drops of water had filled this beautiful pot making a great Vantage point.

It had been hours since the Sun had set. We were still sitting in the room with those large windows and transparent rooftop that looked dark as the night. The river flowing outside was making constant gushing sounds in her continued efforts to penetrate through the glass windows, but it was only the sound of silence the two of us could hear.

In a setting, that felt from another era, like the time had stopped counting its steps. We kept ourselves in the same elusive environment, we didn't want to leave this place, for that would bring us closer to the end of this day. That urge, like many others would also have felt before us, to stop the time then and there, and be in the moment.

The moment never stops, in a loop, it keeps repeating itself and in our virtual world we stay there forever. When you go there, say hi to that lady and the person observing her.

A room with a view. Last weekend couldn't have treated us better.

Mood of the last weekend - 'Soulitude'. Somewhere higher up in the Himalayas, Gaggar Village.

Came back from Europe a week back, we did a central / eastern side trip. The three weeks of our presence there were no less than a dream. Specially the country side took my heart away.

While I tried not to take a lot of pictures and stay in the moment for the maximum time, but the final number was still no less.

I'll publish the selected ones here in the coming few days. In the feature here: #CeskyKrumlov at the time of a very late sun set.

Each time I come here, I am left surprised pondering at the beauty of this place. Somehow the monument hasn't received its fair share of fame. In a way, it is good.

Eugenia, surely one of the mad girls I've ever met. She is on a self actualization trip to India. When we randomly bumped into each other at Rishikesh, I didn't know what an energy bomb she was. Capable of doing some unthinkable yoga mudras, she is one person full of life. All of this, with a smile enough to break mountains of ice.

She recently joined Instagram, you can follow her madness here @eugehumanseed
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This is what happened when the cold and milky white rays from the moon touched icy cold glacial water of the river Ganges. This view with the full moon is always a luxury.

Second cinemagraphs from the series. At Rajpath, when the sun rises just just behind India Gate.

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