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Jahmby Conqueror  Roots,#ENDOWARRIOR!!!REGGAE!!Daughter of a mother and a grand dawta! https://m.mixcloud.com/selectortechnix/street-empire-stylingz-to-the-foundation-1


Last night a very special lady hit me up. Haven't seen this queen in years. She's the G.O.A.T of the Kenyan entertainment scene.She gave so many artistes a platform on her sofa on tv. The show was Mizizi with Nimmo on KBC. She's still as beautiful as ever and has not even aged one bit.
She prayed for me last night and i slept so well. Woke up in loads of pain with some backsores that are really hurting, the chest tube was painful and i was constipated.
When @carole_nimmo came to visit me, we vibed about everything, God and life. Then i decided to get out of bed after 3 days of lying in the same position. Pain and discomfort. This short walk has helped me.
I'm more determined than ever to get better. God gives me so much strength even when i just want to cry and wail. Atlanta we are coming. All that liquid in the bottle was in my lungs. The bottle has a tube that's sewn into my chest going into my lungs.
Fundraising for 1 million bob.
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund

Good morning. God is sooooo great. Give thanks. I've managed to sit on the bedside chair, took an xray and my lung has expanded well though it's still draining. I'm farting, burping, belching...those who have had some serious conditions know how hard it is to even fart. I'm so grateful.
We now have 1m to go.
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
Beating thoracic endometriosis.

One last thing....for you beautiful women who have strongly shown your dislike for my hair lol.....i have nothing against your weaves or braids or perms. Secondly I'm a woman of steel,wrought iron and platinum. Don't try me with those beauty standards and shaming me. Thirdly your ancestors looked like this. Fourthly this is how WARRIORS, CONQUERORS AND SOLDIERS LOOK LIKE. Fifthly let's see how much strength you have battling such a condition and what time you will actually have to even think of make up. I'm beautiful. I'm taken. There's actually someone who loves me with this hair😊.... mara sijui i look old....i wasn't meant to look younger...i just celebrated my birthday last month.
Besides in the battlefield, whether spiritual or physical, it's quite easy to yank off a weave😊...
Just let people live and if you don't have a word of encouragement for anyone going through issues and challenges remain silent.
Don't extend your hurt and bitterness.
Be kind😊
Goodnight and God bless😊❤🤣

My mom says once you go to hospital you realise you're actually not sick when you hear of other people's experiences. Super true. So I'm in this female ward with women from all walks of life. I need you all to understand that women are suffering in this country. I need you guys to pray for this lady suffering from the same condition as me, six months pregnant with twins and ofcourse they can't take any x-rays or operate on her.
Next to me is another elderly lady who shared her story. She's lived with painful periods all her life. Got a hysterectomy(uterus removed) and a cancer misdiagnosis.
I just prayed for all of them
We shall then discuss how we have all suffered under the hands of non-qualified doctors hence the constant misdiagnosis.
Women are QUEENS.
We need women leaders who will endlessly and fearlessly fight for our reproductive health care. Women leaders who will ensure that all women can access gynaecologists and at an affordable rate.
Reproductive health care is a right for every woman.

She said she's tired of my brown hat lol so she brought me this rasta beenie....lol how stereotypical love.....
This queen has been my sister since way back. Went through campus together. Started hustling together. She called me for my first ever big job that opened so many doors for me in the media. We acted together at the Kenya National Theatre and at Heartstrings Kenya. Sharpest woman i know. Definition of beauty and brains. She literally forced me to get my other degrees and she's huku thinking of a PHD.
Also brings me the best chapati mandondo in hospital. Je t'aime bcp ma cherie....@akinyi.ongeso
Beating endo meeeen!!!!!
I've eaten alot too today. I'm feeling great. Breathing great. Praising God.

Heeeeyyyy fam. God is to be praised at all times. The persistent cough is gone, tube inserted. Water and blood draining. Dr. Muhinga is the best cardio-thoracic surgeon in Kenya. He did this procedure in no time and normally with other doctors it takes a while. As usual i was scared and he was so easy with me. He's a father figure and got jokes too.So next week, Atlanta tunasija.
I also need to add some kilos. Thank you fam for the love, support and prayers.
Not by might. Not by power. But your spirit oh Lord.
Watch how this testimony is loading.
It feels good not to cough endlessly. This procedure wasn't traumatic as all the last ones. I aced all the needles without screaming. Me, I'm in awe about what God can do if we only have the faith of a mustard seed. Just that.

Guess who's on Friday Briefing tonight???
Me and the beautiful @bettymuteikyallo
KTN it is.
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund

So we are still fundraising and haven't hit the target yet. Was told i have one more procedure to be done at the hospital here to drain the water, excess air and blood in my lungs at the moment before travelling next week to the States. This will be done tomorrow and I'll be in hospital for a few days cos i can't travel with a collapsed lung.
1.4m to go
PaybillNumber is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund

Hey fam. I'm on Kameme Fm this morning. Tune in as we fundraise the balance. Then head off to hospital.
Let's do this.

My beautiful designer paid me a visit today and you can be sure we laughed alot....well I've lost a lot of weight so i cant really get fitting clothes hence these black pants that i wear everywhere. If you love ankara please follow @hellentolbert for amazing designs and deals. She's been designing for me for years and she delivers on time.
She's part of my support system too. Love her.
I'll be back in full health to rock more ankara😊.
I am healed. I know i am. I affirm it.

This is the face of God's child. God has shown His immense love for me. Yaani mi sijui niseme nini ila kumshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu kwa yote amenitendea. Naamka kila siku nikishow God shukran. Najua hii ugonjwa sasa ndio inaenda kutolewa na nipone. Najua kuna madame wengi sana sasa watapata usaidizi. Kweli my pain is not in vain. God is showing me where I've come from and leading me to greater places. I'm healed. I affirm restoration. I affirm a renewal and a rebirth. No one to be praised but God. Only God. Jeremiah 30 and 31.
📷 @slumphotography

And today being World Radio Day...i celebrate the one and only Crucial man, crucial mondo, mtu wa pikipiki, reggae time, riddim base, master. Jeff Mwangemi. This is one man who changed and revolutionised a generation through REGGAE. He even had his show banned by former President Moi because reggae caused a serious wave in the ghettos. He made everyone get a palito to tune in to KBC radio. I'll never forget his interviews with Joseph Culture Hill. I always looked up to Jeff. I'm glad i had an opportunity to work with a legend and learn from his years of experience. He was my boss at Metro Fm.
Still doing it at KBC.

Today is world radio day. I miss radio. I certainly do.
My passion. My truth.
I'm happy i broke barriers at such a young age and brought this nation together through my sensible noise. I'm happy i also trained loads of broadcasters who further went on to TV news anchoring, production etc.
I learnt the hard way and swore to never let any of my interns suffer.
I'm happy you still remember all the reggae i played that most don't play nowadays.
Radio is a calling. Radio is fun. Radio is a theatre of the mind.
Let's get this endometriosis out of the way and get back to business. Ama vipi watu wangu?

@bienaimesol i cannot begin to share our journey. The countless times we shared dreams of @sautisol on that bench at Alliance Francaise close to a decade ago...now you're an African powerhouse. Thank you for blessing us with your music. Thank you for bringing out another super talented brother who co-wrote the song Melanin @nviirithestoryteller btw support this guy. He's amazing and a personal friend too.
This is to us. Thank you for supporting, loving and praying for me.
I'm beating endometriosis.
God bless you.
📷 @slumphotography

I owe you a yacht. I owe you the best a friend can give another. My family loves you. I love you. You have shown me the true meaning of friendship. Njosh you're a queen. You have visited me in hospital. You've literally ran everything for me. You're too real. It's been over a decade of friendship. I'm happy with your growth and you certainly deserve the BEST. YOU WILL GET AND BE THE BEST.
You're my girl. You've stayed true even when things changed in my life. Things are changing for the better. We are beating endometriosis.
Life will be full of blessings, laughter, joy, blessing others and more happiness. More music will come as well.
@ann_qtee you're my girl. God bless you so much for being my girl. One day i will share how we met and all the challenges we've endured. Today though i celebrate you.
You're my girl.

So happy that we are all in each others lives. Ready to transform our art. Ready to show you the beauty of the ghetto. Also these two are a power couple. @kevoabbra2 and my girl @sylvi0_0walla you're my family. Thank you for loving, praying and supporting me.
I'm beating thoracic endometriosis.

Good morning fam. God is good and He is to be praised at all times. The last fundraiser concert was great. All the musicians brought their A-game and it was amazing to see my good friend @larrymadowo who's a low-key reggae lover dance his heart out😊...@bonneytunya trying to act like he doesn't know us but pia yeye ni wa reggae😊❤. Much love.
🎵🎵🎶🎼 by @selectortechnix

Filled with a heart of gratitude this morning. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT LAST NIGHT. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. To the artistes @wyredalovechild @namelesskenya @juacaligenge @sautisol @weezdommusic @iamkapela @moseh_drummist  @amosandjosh @mc_elfra_kenya @nviirithestoryteller
@phillthemusic @nairobihorns
To the emcees @drofweneke @teamd2d
To the bands @the_iklektik_band
To my super duper production team led by @njeshqabbz @gertiegee @mtmthuo Kiplagat, Kosen, @stivogichbwoy @mg100_ke
To the deejays @selectortechnix @djsadicgenius @deejaykace
Thank you. Many thanks to @bruceodh for your immense support.
Heartfelt gratitude to @capitalfmkenya
@radiobosslady and the NTV management. Thanks to K24.To @ann_qtee you're one in a million. Thank you @larrymadowo thank you @justustharao for all the support.
Thanks to my technical team @samsoundz Alex, live gigs, Street Empire, Laban, Freejoh.
Many thanks to the @alchemist. Peng you are family. My super ladies @emmacheruto and @suzziah . Thanks to @lookslikeavido for the jackets and the auction. Bless you.
@telibryna i love you girl.
We didn't hit the target but i know God has great plans for us this week and we shall hit it.
So we have 1.4m to go. We raised 400k last night from 1.8m
Thank you to everyone that came and supported me.
We are beating this.
Thoracic endometriosis will be a thing of the past. I affirm it.
We shall hit this target. I am set to leave for treatment in 2 weeks.
Yoh fam. God is great. Me I'm thanking God for everything. Thank you for all the love, support and prayers.
📷 @ojwokphotography

Hey fam. Come early tonight. The line up is heavy😊
My brother @lookslike_avido will be there with some amazing jackets and i have one already for the show.
Brothers For Jahmby.
Tonight at the Alchemist.
Charges 1000bob at the gate.

I'm in my 30s. I'm 41kgs now. My body has been ravaged by endometriosis. Last two years have been the craziest. I've buried the most important people in my life. Lost my jobs. Lost my company. Lost and lost. Wrong relationships. I'm in right and great relationships all around now.
I want to encourage any of my followers out there. I choose to believe in God. I choose to remain steadfast. He has proven to me that only He alone restores. He alone repairs. He alone replenishes. He alone recovers. We just need to be patient and remain faithful.
I'm a believer.
I spent this afternoon with my grandma's friends and they were praying for me. We prayed. We cried. I felt all the love.
I was born by a single mom. That means i was raised by the community. I'm a child of God. I'm a child of the ghetto. I'm a child of the people.
I can't even believe how far we have come. I just can't. My story is changing right infront of me. The testimony is loading. God has been faithful.
I'm not here to fake it till i make it.
I'm here to show you that we can break all those barriers and make it with God.
Have a blessed night my people.
I just felt i should share that with all of you.

So honoured to have Mr. Look is look on this last fundraiser. Much love to @teamd2d
Kesho Alchemist
Charges 1000bob

This crazy cool Nigerian is hosting tomorrow as well. Big up @drofweneke
Kesho Alchemist
Charges are 1000bob

Craziest brother of mine will host tomorrow @blessednjugush

Weezy weez weezdom will bless with some gospel tunes tomorrow as well.
Kesho Alchemist
Charges 1000bob

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