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Justyn Ah Chong  Cultivating indigenous perspective 🌙 ✨ 🎬 @downonthesidewalkfilm 🎥 @olonamedia ⬇️ check out the latest ⬇️

The dripping, sweet relief of a kulu moon very much felt and appreciated after the intensity of these piha moons over the weekend and last week. Clarity, focus and reassurance returning.
Burst of energy,
amplified interconnectivity,
sending love out in all directions,
resonating love within. ✨
Truly a gift to witness such a spectacular moonset this morning as the sky lit up with golden red-orange pathways and cloaked the mahina in a soft, comforting haze. This was 545am this morning, and if you know me, you know I’m normally not awake at that hour. Was actually deep in sleep, moving through an enjoyable dreamscape, when my body suddenly woke me up - I had to use the bathroom. Lol, And as soon as I got up, red orange light flooded in through my window. Needless to say, my bodily relief had to wait while I ran outside to enjoy the relief this gorgeous moon and sky was bringing to my spirit. Phew, mahalo e nā kūpuna, for waking me right when I needed to be. For stirring me up inside that I may experience the treasured gifts outside. Soul grateful. 🌖
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Cali! Man, what a blast it’s been reconnecting with you this month! Starting off the journey in LA for the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival and ending in the Bay at CAAM Fest. I’ve returned home truly full and exhausted, but so so grateful for every new friendship, every inspiring event, every late night party and early morning struggle, every amazing film seen, and every reconnection made with old friends and family. It truly has been a privilege to celebrate with you all and to share @downonthesidewalkfilm with people I love.
Big big mahalo to @kikollado at @vcmediaorg for your genuine friendship and hospitality! You and your staff made LA such an incredible and unforgettable experience. Mahalo also for bringing all us Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders out!! You’re all our favs too 😉 @raerocsteady Lol. More of us to come soon! 😏 Mahalo to @caamedia for a wonderful time in the Bay as well! Truly an honor to screen at your festival.
Big mahalo to the brothers @d_wakasa and @tadillac for hosting me and the bro @ainapaikai . Always a good, special time with you guys.
Now that we back home, it’s time to jump back on the grind and put in work for the next film(s) so we can come back and party all over again next year! 🙌🏽 mahalo piha.
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The shape of my home and the shape of my heart, they are one in the same. In one of these I carry the other, and the other always carries me.
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BAY AREA friends and fam! Excited to announce @downonthesidewalkfilm will be screening at @caamedia CAAMFEST in May! If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you while I’m up there! We’ll be screening on Friday May 10th as part of the “Altered States” shorts program. Check the link in bio for tickets ☝🏽
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Can you see it? Not just as it is right now, but also as it was and more so as it could be? Layers of time existing simultaneously expands in all directions infinitely, so naturally the choices of possibility are many. But what vision do you choose to project and hold beyond the frame of your mind, that gives life to your hands and asks your heart to align? Does it nourish the body of the place you call home? Does it bring about beauty for generations not yet known? These are internal questions whose answers guide movement and step, and brings either life or death with each exchange of breath.
#lāhonua #lāapau #pōmahinalaʻau #earthday #thoughtjots #oʻahu
with @88wikz and @rah_bin_sun

Earth day every day. 🌏
Grateful to call this planet home, oh what a precious gift she is. And all gifts inherently carry kuleana - many say responsibility, but really the privilege and the burden. And the privilege to be here is the burden worth carrying, always. In all ways.
#mālamahonua #earthday #420 #kuʻukulaiwi #alohaʻāina #oʻahu

LA homies!! Can’t wait to see you all next month to catch up and also share this short film with everyone. So grateful to be screening @downonthesidewalkfilm at the 2019 @vcmediaorg LA Asian Pacific Film Festival alongside some talented Pacific Islander filmmaker friends. We screen as part of the Pacific Cinewaves shorts program at 1p on Saturday May 4th. Really hope to see you there! Get your tickets NOW at the link in bio or go to festival.vcmedia.org👌🏾 #laapff2019 #laapff #dotsiw #downonthesidewalkfilm #westlake #losangeles #filmfestival #vcmedia #visualcommunications #oceania #pacificislander #officialselection

My relationship with this special place has always been quite an elusive one. Over the last several years I’ve been privileged enough to learn of its history, its culture, it’s beauty, it’s language, it’s resilience, and its people...through its people. Love brought me this, and as an extension, gave me friends that have become family since. Yet, things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to and opportunities to experience this place for myself seemed to continually fall through like it was nothing new. So I just let it go and let it be, knowing time will play things out accordingly, and of course as soon as I did, along comes this unique opportunity. A chance to finally visit this place physically in exchange for sharing the work I’ve put myself into passionately. Man, what a dream this was turning out to be. And so it was, as new friendships formed through collaborative creativity, and old bonds calcified through the reconnection of family. I sit here thankful for everything this journey means to me, and I look forward to the next time I can come back and create more memories. With this place.
Big mahalo to @picpacific and @guamfilmfestival for giving me the opportunity to come learn, share, and reconnect. 🙏🏽

Much much more than just a film festival, the Māoriland experience was truly a living gift, a reminder of our collective resilience, and a celebration of our inherent interconnectedness. The shores of beautiful Ōtaki embraced our spirits and welcomed with open arms the ancestors we each brought with us. Our stories shared became the warm, embracing soil into which new relationships were planted and old ones continued to bloom. Through late nights full of laughter and long days filled with smiles, each interaction brought renewed opportunity to feel our hearts, expand. And expand we did, in the most fluid of ways, like the endless ocean that reaches out to bridge our paths and carry us home. Back to our lands, back to our families, back to our communities, back to our purpose we now flow, drifting upon a sea of memories, the depths of which we have yet to uncover. Gratitude can’t even begin to describe the weight of love and appreciation my heart, soul and body feel from this past week.
Mahalo e nā kūpuna for bringing and guiding me along this journey, and making it so. Mahalo nunui to each and every one of the Māoriland whānau that had the vision to realize such a dream and the dedication to see it through. For all those involved that gave countless days and endless nights to cultivate such a uniquely indigenous experience, mahalo piha. This week has gifted me the most laughter and joy I’ve felt in a long, long time, and I am truly, truly grateful. Ngā Mihi @maorilandfilm
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Grounding and meditation has always been a foundational piece of the @melemurals process. It gives everyone involved, especially the haumāna (students), the opportunity to tap into the ever-flowing spiritual essence of this land and the many stories that it holds. It serves as an access point for our kūpuna (ancestors) beyond the veil to connect with us here in the physical. It allows them to impart direction and inspiration, and in doing so, ensure their stories are told and remembered. It reminds us how to feel to know, and that not all knowing comes from academia. It reminds us how to quiet and listen. Really listen. And in doing so, we receive. Gratefully receive.
This was a special experience to document and bare witness to as the students of Aliamanu Middle School connected with the warm embrace of Kamananui Valley to bring forth their school’s new mural, “Moʻoanalua.” Go check out the FULL VIDEO in my BIO to feel the entire story. Shout out to @landrexd for leading an awesome meditation with the keiki, which led to an even more awesome mural. 🎥 @olonamedia
#moʻoanalua #moanalua #kamananui #valley #aliamanu #olonāmedia #melemurals #estriafoundation #meditation #grounding #indigenousperspective

“Island Life” music video by @kalaemusic ft. @alika_parish
Go check out the full video at the link in bio! Grateful for all the experiences, memories, and ʻohana this project brought forth. Was a ton of work and crazy long shoot days, but so many magical, hōʻailona-filled moments that made it all worth it. Congrats again Kalaʻe on the release of your new single my braddah. Excited for everything else the future has in store. Mahalo for trusting me to bring your vision to life. 🎥 @olonamedia
#islandlife #kalaemusic #olonāmedia #musicvideo #hawaii #country #paniolo #cowboy #hawaiian #maukaman

Pau Hana Film Talk at @hawaiistateartmuseum this past Wednesday was good fun. So appreciative of the opportunity to preview a sneak peek of @downonthesidewalkfilm for those that came out and talk story with other talented local filmmakers. Mahalo @hisam_gs_mori and @Aly_ishikuni_sasaki for the evening. And big shout out to the homies @laulau_erin @michaeltanji @_bradleycrawford and @onerchamp for sharing space! 📸 @brandynliu
#pauhana #filmtalk #hawaiistateartmuseum #hisam #dotsiw #downonthesidewalkfilm #westlake #shortfilm #panel

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