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Life is pretty fucking amazing and it just keeps getting better. Even on the rough days I have to remember I am so blessed. I am so grateful for everything I have🙏🏻❤️

crazy like this storm ⛈

My perfect valentine ❤️💋🌹 #SawyerRay #love

I hope you believe that you are enough because you deserve love. ❤️ #fullmoonvibes #spreadthelove #tothebrokenones #trust

Tryna get home, train rides and lookin fly as fuck 🚃
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With my girl @poetic_z at ONELOVE1️⃣❤️ thanks for the invite ❤️💛💚 #onelove #longbeach #jahbless

Little lunch break before the rest of today's meetings. I can't get over how cute this place is 💕 #yum #tea #lychee #nowandlater

Your past does not define you. The depression, the heartache, the drinks and the drugs, the bad decisions, the regrets, the anger and the pain, the beautiful thing about being broken is that you can learn to heal and essentially become a better version of yourself. Progress not perfection, it takes time and that's okay, it's a process that involves patience and persistence. I used to not want to change, I loved to let shit stir and sit in the sadness, now I'm passionate about finding the happiness I deserve. The universe is so generous if you work hard for what you want, I believe it teaches you every damn lesson that you need to learn, even if you have struggle through chaotic situations. I'd take the beauty of chaos over ugly imperfection any day. •Russian Hill•SF•2010
A blurry belligerent winter night in the city.
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Photo of me by @devinahanna #DAB #DAAB #DAB4LIFE #7years #badluckisover

I started missing my blonde hair the second after I dyed it purple....

Last night with the babes 😍😍😍🎀 #girlpower #friends #lovethem #treats

Feeling like a child

❤️💛💚happy birthday @shibbypoopsglitter !! Had so much fun last night dancing the night away to reggae tunes celebrating you! So happy to have met you! Love you mama! ❤️💛💚