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Infrastructure projects such as roads to ease congestion and a new airport welcomed.

Wishing all a very happy and bright Deepavali.

At my Datok Keramat Deepavali open house today at the Methodist Boys’ School together with the CM Chow Kon Yeow and also the Finance Minster Lim Guan Eng and other elected representatives.

Penang will continue to give priority to infrastructure projects that are needed for the future of Penang.

This includes addressing mobility issues such as traffic congestion and also the possible need for a new airport for Penang.

This is very necessary to bring Penang to its next level which is an international, intelligent and world class city.



今天在我的Datok Keramat 屠妖节开放日,在Methodist Boys School与首席部长曹观友,财政部长林冠英和其他当选代表在一起。




A very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Deepavali to all those celebrating!

May the light continue to shine in our new found Malaysia! ##
Selamat Hari Deepavali kepada semua yang menyambutnya!

Semoga cahaya terus bersinar di Malaysia baru ini!


Time now to ascertain cause of incident. Irresponsible parties should have respect for those who have perished and not make unwarranted statements before investigations are concluded in relation to the Bukit Kukus incident.

I repeat my call that action will be taken against those who are found to have flouted or breached any laws, regulations or procedures which could have avoided the same incident.

The Bukit Kukus landslide is an incident that was certainly unwanted.
I would like to commend the search and rescue effort in relation to the incident.

However, I would like to at the same time, caution irresponsible parties who make unfounded allegations that the Penang State Government is responsible for the same.

This is the time for us to ascertain the actual reason behind the incident.

As I have said before, action will be taken against those who are found to have flouted or breached any laws, regulations or procedures which could have avoided the same incident.
To all parties, be responsible and do not take advantage of this incident.

现在是确定事故原因的时间。在与Bukit Kukus事件有关的调查结束之前,不负责任的当事方应该尊重那些已经死亡并且不该作出无根据的陈述。


Bukit Kukus山体滑坡是一个大家都不想要发生的事件。






Our deepest condolences to the families of the six firefighters and rescuers who tragically lost their lives yesterday.

I have given a small contribution to each of the families of the deceased rescuers.

It is hoped that their families remain strong in these trying times.

Takziah kepada keluarga enam anggota bomba dan penyelamat yang kehilangan nyawa mereka semalam.

Saya telah memberikan sumbangan kecil kepada setiap keluarga penyelamat mangsa.

Adalah diharapkan keluarga mereka tabah di waktu yang mencabar ini.



Watch video at : https://www.facebook.com/jsdeo/videos/243087003042212/

A glimpse of how the Penang State Government works to address issues to move Penang forward.

Thanks to our CM YAB Chow Kon Yeow, who is always patient and engages.

Also to YB Chong Eng who has tirereslly championed issues for women in Penang. ******
Sekilas bagaimana Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang bekerja untuk menangani isu-isu untuk memajukan Pulau Pinang.

Terima kasih kepada CM YAB Chow Kon Yeow yang selalu sabar dan terlibat.

Juga kepada YB Chong Eng yang bukan sahaja mengambil gambar ini, tetapi sudah sekian lama memperjuangkan isu wanita. ******


也向不只帮忙拍下此照片,也一直为女性问题争斗的YB 章英致谢

Penang fully supports the Federal Government's call for developers to reduce housing prices.

We have already made many inroads where this is concerned and now it is time for the Federal Government to act and be firm!* Since the formation of SPEC (7/6/2013), we have already had 48 meetings to select eligible applicants for low cost, low medium cost and affordable housing.
Whilst it is extremely important that only those who are eligible to access such housing, it is also extremely important that the Penang State government continues to ensure there is adequate stock of such low cost, low medium cost and affordable housing.

In this regard, I am very happy to repeat that we have actually surpassed our target as announced in our manifesto for GE14 of 75,000 units if such housing, whereby to date, we have 28,195 low cost, low medium cost and affordable housing physically built, and 22,065 such housing in various stages of building and a further 32,212 units approved to be built.

I would also like to announce that the Penang State government has kept to it's pledge to ensure we can make housing more affordable.

In this regard, we are in the process of reviewing all charges upon developers, so as we can assist them.

However, I want to stress that these charges where Penang is concerned does not have such as an impact on the actual effect to housing prices as claimed by the housing stakeholders.

This is simply because they can still sell their houses at prices way beyond affordability.

Having regard to this fact, I would like to echo the Finance Minister’s comments, that in line with our efforts now nationally, to reduce the cost of housing, by the exemption of SST on materials used for housing, all stakeholders in the development of such affordable housing must make a commitment that they will also reduce the pricing of housing so as to make it more accessible, not only to all Malaysian's, but to Penangites, as we embark on this exercise of a review to reduce charges on developers.

Projek perumahan mampu milik Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang yang pertama di Malaysia yang menerima sijil Indeks Bangunan Hijau (GBI) Emas.

Mengunjungi projek perumahan mampu milik Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang di SP Chelliah hari ini.

Ia adalah saat yang membanggakan bagi saya untuk mengumumkan bahawa komponen perumahan mampu milik untuk projek ini akan menerima pensijilan Indeks Bangunan Hijau (GBI) Emas, manakala komponen kos sederhana rendah projek ini juga akan menerima pensijilan Indeks Bangunan Hijau (GBI). Ini akan menjadi projek perumahan mampu milik pertama dengan pensijilan GBI Emas dan ia juga merupakan bangunan kos sederhana rendah pertama yang menerima pensijilan GBI.
Saya juga berharap bahawa proses penyiapannya akan mengikut jadual waktu yang ditetapkan iaitu pada pertengahan tahun depan.

Pulau Pinang akan terus memberi keutamaan untuk penyampaian unit-unit perumahan kos rendah, kos sederhana rendah dan perumahan mampu milik di mana pada masa kini, sebanyak 28,915 unit rumah mampu milik telah dibina, 22,065 unit sedang dibina, dan 32,212 unit lagi telah diluluskan untuk dibina dan ini membawa kepada jumlah keseluruhan besar iaitu 82,472 unit rumah mampu milik akan disediakan untuk rakyat negeri Pulau Pinang.







Pihak berkuasa tempatan telah diarahkan untuk membuat pelan tindakan untuk meningkatkan tahap kebersihan dan memantau kerja-kerja menaik taraf semua pasar awam dan kompleks makanan awam, di mana kemudahan-kemudahan awam tersebut mesti mencapai tahap kebersihan Gred "A", atau Gred "B", sekurang-kurangnya.

Di pasar jalan Kuantan untuk mengedarkan Jalur Gemilang kepada peniaga dan pengunjung.

SELAMAT MERDEKA!!! Local authorities urged to come up with an action plan to enhance cleanliness and monitor upgrading works of all public markets and food complexes, whereby these facilities must attain Gred “A” or “B” at the very least.

At the Kuantan road market distributing Jalur Gemilang to traders and patrons.

SELAMAT MERDEKA!!! 我呼吁地方政府马上草拟整洁行动计划并同时监督巴刹及小贩中心的提升工作,以确保这些设施最少列为A等或B等


Di flat Mutiara Idaman 1 di Jelutong, di mana saya telah mengumumkan kelulusan permohonan penduduk-penduduk untuk pembiayaan di bawah dana penyelenggaraan negeri 80% untuk membaiki bumbung mereka yang telah rosak teruk akibat dipukul ribut pada awal bulan ini. Kerja pembaikan dijangka akan disiapkan dalam masa seminggu.

Kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang tetap komited untuk meneruskan program dana penyelenggaraannya untuk perumahan kos rendah, perumahan kos sederhana rendah dan skim perumahan yang layak, di mana pada masa ini, sebanyak 269 projek telah diluluskan dengan kos melebihi RM24 juta.

At the Mutiara Idaman 1 flats in Jelutong, announcing the approval of their request for funding under the state’s 80% maintenance fund to repair their roofs which were blown off due to a freak storm earlier this month. Works should be completed within a week’s time.

The Penang state government is committed to continue with its maintenance fund for low cost housing, low medium cost housing and other eligible housing schemes, whereby as of today, 269 projects have been approved at the cost of over RM24 million in total.

在日落洞Mutiara Idaman 1 组屋宣布槟州政府通过80%维修基金批准的屋顶维修工程。该组屋日前遭到暴风损坏了屋顶。这项维修工程预计将在一个星期内完成


EKSPO Perumahan Mampu Milik Ke-8 Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Di EKSPO perumahan mampu milik kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang yang kelapan di Prangin Mall, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang yang bermula dari hari ini sehingga esok, di mana ia mempamerkan sebanyak 6,284 unit perumahan mampu milik pelbagai jenis yang ditawarkan daripada 13 pemaju perumahan, dan dari PDC.

Pemohon-pemohon bagi perumahan kos rendah dan perumahan kos sederhana rendah juga boleh mendaftar atau mengemaskini pendaftaran mereka di kiosk Jabatan Perumahan Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Bank Negara Malaysia dan beberapa bank komersil yang lain turut mengambil bahagian di dalam EKSPO ini untuk membantu pembeli-pembeli rumah kali pertama dengan menyediakan pakej-pakej untuk mereka.

Jumlah kehadiran orang ramai pada tengah hari ini adalah amat baik. Surat tawaran juga telah diberikan kepada lebih kurang 30 pemohon yang telah berjaya untuk memiliki rumah-rumah kos rendah dan perumahan kos sederhana rendah mereka.

Penang State Government 8th Affordable Housing EXPO.

At the eighth Penang state government’s affordable housing EXPO at Prangin Mall, Georgetown, Penang which will be held from today until tomorrow, showcasing 6,284 units of various types of affordable housing by 13 developers including PDC.

Applicants of low cost and low medium cost housing can also register or update their registration at the Penang state Housing department booth.

Bank Negara Malaysia and several other commercial banks are also participating with packages for first time home buyers.

A very good turnout this afternoon whereby some 30 successful applicants for low cost and low medium cost housing were given their letters of offer.






Skim perumahan kos rendah dan sederhana rendah akan terus diberi bantuan di bawah Skim Penyelenggaraan 80/20 Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Bersama ahli-ahli jawatankuasa perayaan Phor Thor pangsapuri Sri Tanjung, di mana saya telah menyerahkan hamper-hamper kepada golongan yang memerlukannya di Kawasan Dato’ Keramat.

Kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang akan terus membantu skim perumahan kos rendah dan sederhana rendah di bawah skim penyelenggaraan 80/20 di mana sehingga kini, sebanyak RM24.5 juta telah dibelanjakan untuk 247 projek-projek termasuk penggantian dan pembaikan lif dan tangki air.

Permohonan dari pihak pangsapuri Sri Tanjung untuk pengecatan semula secara prinsipnya telah diluluskan.

With the Sri Tanjung Apartment Phor Thor committee, handing out hampers for the needy in the Dato’ Keramat area.

The Penang state government will continue to maintain eligible private housing schemes under the 80/20 maintenance fund whereby as of to date, nearly RM24.5 million has been spent for 247 projects including lift and water tank replacement and repairs.

Sri Tanjung's application for repainting has been submitted and approved in principle.




Tahap Kebersihan Di Pasar Dan Kompleks Makanan Awam Mesti Ditingkatkan

Di kursus induksi bagi Ahli-Ahli Majlis MPSP, di mana kedua-dua pihak berkuasa tempatan (MPSP dan MBPP) telah diarahkan untuk menggubal satu pelan tindakan kebersihan untuk semua pasar dan kompleks makanan awam untuk mencapai tahap kerbersihan Gred A atau Gred B menjelang bulan Februari tahun depan (2019). Ini seiring dengan wawasan kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang untuk menjadikan Pulau Pinang sebuah negeri yang lebih bersih, lebih hijau, lebih sihat dan selamat.

Cleanliness At Public Markets And Food Complexes Must Be Enhanced

At the induction course for MPSP councillors, whereby both local authorities (MPSP and MBPP) were instructed to come up with an action plan for cleanliness for all public markets and food complexes so as to achieve Grade A or Grade B cleanliness by February next year.

This is in line with the Penang state government’s vision to become a cleaner, greener, healthier, and safer city.




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