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A 40 minute vlog just went up 🤸🏾‍♀️😎
Link in my bio 😗

Bags n bitches
Hair: @wowafrican | TLW41 | code: JAELAH

Hey fro 😏

Literally hopped out the shower to take this pic. I just washed out my Indian healing clay and apple cider vinegar hair mask. No products at all in this pic. The effectiveness of this mask is crazyyyyy. Look at my hair 🤤😫😍

Zaddyadyadyadyady 🤤


Y'all ready for me to come back? I know I am! 😬😬 we are painting my office today. Just tryna get my space together so I can get all these creative juices flowing 😌

Don't you know that you're my good luck charm? 🍀😏

Travel update: we've been traveling for like 12 hours at this point. From Japan to Seattle Tyrone sat on my lap for a good amount of the flight. He was doing good then he wanted attention half way thru. We've been using sinks as litter boxes. Myles and I really feel like we gotta son 😂 anyway. Our next flight is to Chicago. I'm ready to get in somebody tub cause this airport look like hepatitis.

I would like to formally introduce y'all to JAELAH. She's totally inspired by ME! MyFirstWig made sure the hair was curly like mine, already cut like mine, had volume like mine. I worked really hard to make sure it was perfect for y'all. Y'all already know im obsessed. I've already posted a video and you're only about a half hour late. The link is in the bio babe 😘

Mini life update: I'm cleaning out all the spice cabinets and packing our suitcases. We move out of our house tomorrow 😁 and we'll be in VA by the end of this week. This whole move is bittersweet. Japan was a growing experience for Myles and I. Shit wasn't easy. But I've grown so much here and found another piece of my heart, my bestfriend. It sucks to leave her, but Japan has been such a hindrance on my business growth. I feel so liberated going back to the states. I don't feel held back anymore. I literally feel like I can do ANYTHING. I feel like I can reach my potential cause here I feel stagnant. I'm so excited I could cry. Sorry I'm typing paragraphs n shit. I took two adderalls by accident 😂

Damn you the shit and I'll rip my heart out and hand you the shit.

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