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Jaelyn Wolf 🌙  LOVER OF ALL THINGS WILD. Curator. Photographer. Designer. Writer. Adventurer. Gym Jones. BJJ.

“If we were having coffee, I will you how it feels like. I will tell you how I’m constantly torn between two polar opposites of almost everything. Between dreams and reality. Between what my mind wants and what my heart wants. between light and darkness. Between happiness and sadness. Between exposing my soul and keeping up with this world’s facade. Between hiding myself and being recognized. Between trying to live and wanting to die. Between putting up a brave face, keeping up the fight, or letting it all go down the drain. It’s as if there’s two different people in me with different and separate interest and there are no middle grounds and in-betweens where i could safely put up a white flag for a moment and tell myself, or this two polarity in me, “hey this is where we will rest, this is where we will meet in between and discuss things peacefully and make good amends between our conflicting wants and needs.” PC @chrisdouglasphoto

to be reborn
we must be willing to uncover
parts of ourselves we prefer to
shield from others
to be whole
we must acknowledge
the darkness that resides
in our bones
to set aside the comfort
and craving
for the
depths only some
are willing to dive into
we must learn to thrive
in the uncertainty
and surrendering ||| PC @chrisdouglasphoto

“and if your gift is to make people. feel. something. do not cover that in apology. do not lie. to accommodate others’ fear of feeling.” @nayyirah.waheed PC @chrisdouglasphoto

our love is not finite.
it transcends the limitations of our bodies
weaving its way into our pores
like a virus
feeding off of the host
A leach
or the bacteria in the lining of our stomachs
sustaining life
in a way
co dependency
But comforting
Like the consistency
Of the ebb of the tides
Returning to sea
PC @chrisdouglasphoto

“Every wild thing I know trembles in the right light. Like the shiver in the spine of a rose before it blooms.” Kelsey Danielle PC @chrisdouglasphoto

we wear our scars like badges
stories unfolding
over creases in our skin
as words spoken
blades drawn
or dripping
we wear our scars like fallen leaves
in autumn
of nights spent with
eyes wide open
hearts tangled
and raw
PC @chrisdouglasphoto

You and I
One day
Will breathe life into the lifeless
Crawling our way through the shadows
In blood that stains our lips
From a craving
With juice that drips from our chins
Like those palisade peaches
With a lust that drowns out our words
With lyrics of yearning
PC @lisa_boshard

We carry
The pain that comes with loss
Like scars left from blades
On the bark of trees
Initials carved into flesh
That heal
But remain fresh
In a way
We recover
Only when we rediscover
In the way that
Allows memories to fade
But remain
In a way
Like birds migrating
In spring
To ourselves
And releasing the pain
That comes with remembering
And forgiving
PC @lisa_boshard

I will love
With the same immensity
That the harvest moon brings
To the night
With the same Infatuation
That the sea has with the shore.
A relentless devotion.
Knowing that my intensity
Relies on my darkness
To bring light
to the night
You are nothing but love,
She said
And I,
PC @lisa_boshard

I wonder
What it’s like
To be content
With the mediocrity
With the apathy
I wonder what it’s like
To love aimlessly
To never know
The tireless pain
Of selfless devotion
The relentless pursuit -
The depths of yearning. PC @lisa_boshard

show me your scars
the ones kept unseen
give me your sorrows
let me put them to sleep
bring me your wounds
let me lick them clean
PC @lisa_boshard

If you are on the edge, I will learn to fly
Grow wings
For you.
If you are in too deep
I will dive into you
And learn to breathe
For you
So that you don’t have to
PC @lisa_boshard

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