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I want it all
The creation and destruction
Growth and annihilation
The sacrifice and devotion
Surrender and aggression.
I want the wild rides
With stormy seas
And calmer days
With the mellow breeze.
I want you and I
On a porch, sipping coffee
Or maybe tea
With wine and whiskey
In the evening.
I want sweat drenched
Sun kissed days
With sparkling eyes
Gritting our teeth.
I want smoke and fire and rain
And to feel
The earth beneath our feet.
PC @lisa_boshard

You are ready. In this moment. To evolve, to grow, to be. There is no need to wait for a catalyst for change. For a sign or the ‘right’ time. You are more ready now than you’ll ever be. PC @lisa_boshard

I haven’t found the words yet, when I do, you will know.

People are going to doubt you, let them. People are going to make excuses, let them. People are going to talk shit, to ridicule, to try and put you down, let them. What others say and think of you had absolutely nothing to do with you - and everything to do with how they feel about themselves. Jealousy and insecurities will destroy you if you let them. Be the man or woman in the room that brings others up, rather than puts them down. Be the person in the room that cares less about words and more about actions. PC @lisa_boshard

I could care less for your facades or your masks or your life tied up in pretty pink bows. You know what is brave? Laying yourself bare, exposed, unafraid of failure and ridicule. Raw and sweaty and messy and scared. PC @lisa_boshard

you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Don’t let that link be your mind - the voices in your head. Tame them, control them, use them as fuel. Turn them into your trusted confidants and your biggest fans. Your inner dialogue has the power to be your greatest and strongest attribute - a catalyst for growth, an inspiration for achieving things that you never knew were possible. PC @lisa_boshard

There is no substitution for discipline. No substitution for sacrifice. No substitution for hard fucking work. I am honored to know this woman. To stand by her side. To support and be supported. @spartsan PC @lisa_boshard

She was hungry
In the way an animal narrows in on her prey
Each breathe
Each movement
A reflex
Patiently waiting
To tear open the organs
Under its flesh. PC @lisa_boshard

To be the best version of yourself each day - knowing that your best may change. That is the goal. PC @lisa_boshard

“She is madness, sanity. She is hell, and paradise.” Day 2, I’m coming for you. PC @lisa_boshard

We unfold
And it is only then
That we begin to discover
Everything buried
Everything hiding
In the corners
In the creases
Only then
That we can begin to emerge
Begin to transform
Begin to uncover PC @lisa_boshard

We become
Through moments
Of transforming
And others
Through painful reckonings.
We crave
And crawl
And surrender
And harvest fragments from others
That keep us feral.

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