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Well hi everyone! Have you guys watch Show Me The Money Season 4? It's great that Ravi joined the competition. But he failed in second round. But it's okay. As long we keep cheering for him and VIXX right? Hihihi. And Jay Park mentioned that Ravi once dissed Bobby. He has his own reason and idk why people keep pick on Ravi's fault. Come on! The other rappers are also dissing each other in the competition. I don't get you guys when you keep pick on Ravi's fault. Btw hinae Ravi! I love you guys and VIXX, fighting!!

btw guys, i really wants to get close with you guys. can you introduce yourself? just called me yaya and i'm 18 this year and i'm from MALAYSIA yeayyyy! .
have you been to VIXX'S CONCERT? i have been there once. The Milky Way in Malaysia. i want to share with you guys some of my stories.
i really love ken. since on and on era. i like him because he is full of aegyo aigooooo. vixx is my second home. first is B.A.P but... hmmm...

hi everyone. i'm really sorry if i don't do some updates. because this is my second acc, and i can use whenever i want. i have my main acc, and sometimes i forgot that i have this acc. someone want exchange this username with her. tbh, i don't like and it makes me angry. i'm sorry if i'm being too childish but i got it first. can you put yourself in my shoes? what do you feel?
maybe one day ken will make his official instagram and will be using his twitter's username. MAYBE. and MAYBE he will search who is using his username. HAHAHAHA I PUT MY EXPECTATION SO HIGH. i'm really sorry but this is what i'm feel rn. i'll try my best to update more more and more. i want to show my love to ken BY USING HIS TWITTER'S USERNAME HAHAHAHA. OKAY BYEE

Have a nice day, everyone 😍

Happy Birthday, Kenjummaaaa. I love you so muchhh. I hope you enjoy your day today. And i want to say sorry if i'm using ken's twitter username. I didn't make this acc to get some followers or seeking attention. I have make this acc for a long time and keep using this username for a long time too. I'm not Ken, Lee Jaehwan but i'm his fan. And I want to say sorry to all of you ((who is reading this)) Remember! We are Stβ˜…rlight and keep supporting for VIXX

κ·€μ—¬μ›Œ~ ^^ 히힝~ β™₯

Leo hyung had to decided who are the prettiest γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

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