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I more than caught my breath when I first saw her that day.

It was one of those unreal, out-of-body moments when you struggle to contain all the feelings and thoughts surging into your mind.

I couldn't articulate all those feelings and thoughts but in hindsight I think it was simply me falling in love.

I'd love to say that she's smiling because of me but folks, we all know it's because of the elephant.

Celebrating their love by dancing with mine. #romeoromance

Our new friends Maggie and Lulu.

She just waved goodbye to me as I got in the car. She's gone to live with her people.

Family Expedition

My favorite person.

To the most beautiful woman in the world, who knew what would be my perfect day, thank you.
I hardly knew that I could appreciate Monet's breathtaking works even the smallest bit more, yet you somehow made that possible.
You're my Monet-loving, adventurous, and altogether perfect woman @alyssaamberlake .

To my best friend, whom it seems I can no longer mention without including this wonderfully woman, happy birthday.

The Lion of the Tribe
The Fourth Son of my Father
The Peanut to my Sardines
I love you Judah


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