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Ms. D aka. Shining Star 

Too bad I love Pics It always represents You.

One color I do not Rock is Yellow. But in the Yellow flower a book I read it just means New Beginings just as a Yellow Flower or the Sun. Proudddd to be Not Typical. Your Royal. Shine Brighter than the Sun.

God!!!! Someone prayed in White Castle in Queens. She said pray for your enemies. I dont like everybody. And not everyone will like me. But Facts Prayer works only if you Believe. Time to be me completely if u dont like too bad not serving u anyhow. Spend time with God.

Boldness. Cause you will find no other.

This pic had Me rolling was doing a project on Romantic Comedies. Oh Yessssssssss. Bowties Rocks. This Bowtie feen.

So he gave me this I must read.

God is good!!!! Bday Gift. 4 13 2016 Dont Even go out yet Dopeeee.

Me and favvvv brother in law. Awesomeness.

Tunning up as usual. This church gal. I had the people in the club dancing that's my purpose. They were enjoying life. Awesomeness.

Blue again that means freedom or has no end way to go.

City Girl.

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