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Jad Hadid  Dear God, Grant them what they wish for me and more..

Do you like it when someone else judges you or point a finger at you or say ugly shit about you? Tell me!!
I would really appreciate your honest opinion on this subject. Let's see how you feel about it.. ----------------------------------------------------🔴Slide left to see the second part of the video🔴

Yeah that's right, I got the 2 in 1 right here, the awesome Best'Friend and the Cool'Wife. The best combination in the world!! What's better than that?? Exactly, NOTHING.. You rock babe 🤘🏻😎

There's absolutely no need to be perfect to inspire others around you, just let them get inspired by how you deal with your life and your imperfections. Well the fact says, everyday is a new day and another chance to get inspired and inspire people around you and give'em a little helpful push to lift them up or bring them a step closer to their goals, and if I'm doing that successfully means I'm doing the right thing.
trust me, inspiring you guys motivates me to become a better person everyday, so technically it's a win win situation here and to be honest I'm totally satisfied with that✌🏻😉.. Jh

@farazmanan 's elegant royal designs never go out of style..

No wonder why I've been smiling a lot lately... Thanks to you.. Jh

Let me tell you something about myself that you might have never knew before.
No one ever cared enough or gave a shit to teach me anything, I had literally nothing and I grew up all alone with the minimums, I was raised on my own and taught myself everything my brain posses. I taught myself to have respect for people no matter how old or young, rich or poor, smart or not. I taught myself how to eat properly on a table full of people, to pray, to say thank you, yes sir no sir and to always show gratitude and appreciation. I taught myself to get up off my ass and let the elder have my chair, lend a helping hand to those in need, give without expecting anything in return, hold the door for the person behind me and open it for the lady next to me, I taught myself how to write read and speak not just Arabic, English too, oh and I understand a little bit of French sometimes as well.
But you know what's the most important part of all this?

I taught myself to love people for who they are not for what they have or what I can get from them. I also taught myself to treat people the way I love to be treated though I was never treated as I should, but that's okay, it's just how life is sometimes.. Bottom line: My past will always remind me of what I was and who I have become and that what makes me feel so PROUD of who I am today.. Jh

Manners matter,
Good looks are a bonus,
Self respect is essential,
Sense of humor is a must,
and being YOURSELF is completely undefinable.. Jh

Every day I see you smile is another day I fall harder in love with you.. Jh #MyRamona

With a huge smile on my face and a big white heart that fits the whole universe I will continue to treat everyone with kindness and respect, and show love to those who hate me even though I know they'll always try to trample over me emotionally BUT HEY sooner or later, table turns right? Jh✌🏻😉

NEGATIVITY, is a nasty mother fucker virus and a contagious disease.
Please guys keep yourselves away from negative people, situations, behaviors and all those things.
Choosing to be positive and optimistic will help you maintain a better attitude, better health, better lifestyle, better surroundings and surely a better mindset.. Jh.

This looks better yeah? ✌🏻

I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us, I love you more than any argument or fight we will ever have, I love you more than you know or even or can possibly imagine. Yes, that's what I exactly mean when I say I love you.. Jh

Obstacles? Complications? Doubts? Giving up? Nah.. that shit doesn't exist in my dictionary.
Plans, Goals, Achievements, Continuity & believing in a better tomorrow is what keeps me going.. Jh

You always achieve what you set your mind to. Just believe you can and you're halfway there 💪🏻

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