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It's my Little Bomba's birthday today- FOUR YEARS OLD!!
Harriet Neve Gillies, I love you so! Facetime smooches until I'm home.

Dubai at dusk.

This is my 5yo attempt to make a fruit salad.
Note the cherry tomatoes and because he isn't allowed to use the knives he just threw the whole apple on top to complete the masterpiece. #GBG

There has been a bit of this... you'll see. #un1t7d

Deadline looming... Time for a strat I think.
#americanprofessional #americanpro #stratocaster #strat #fender #un1t7d

My Valentine. Cheesy grins all round. ❤️❤️❤️
📸: @gabrielfelixphotography

It's my mums birthday today. Beautiful inside and out. Love you Mum. #theprayersofamother

What?!? 113F 😢

It was a little dusty. @trekbikes #fuelex9

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