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It is very quiet here
I am used to the noise
The hurry
The chat
The expecting
None of that now.
Just rain on a tin roof
Droplets pooling like my thoughts
It's scary
And exciting.
Butterflies race inside my tummy
Silence; almost tangible
But I know I am safe
Covered by Almighty.
He is here
Never leaving
Never forsaking
I am safe in the quiet with Him.

This book is super good and @brenebrown is one of my favourite minds.

When these words and I first met, I experienced afresh the wide-eyed wonder of finding God in the common.
I saw the blaze in a conversation, in the petal of a rose, in the perfect shade of blue. Tasks that seemed meaningless were suddenly set on fire with divine purpose.
When in such moments, isn't it just like us to think that this is where we will now live forever? In a state of motivation, meaning, intense, almost tangible purpose?
A little further down the track, we realise that the fire that once crackled to a white-hot rhythm, now barely resembles an ember. So, we have to stir it up. Stoke the fire. Encourage our souls to remember the wonder. Let's ask the Spirit to help us find truth again.
Be encouraged: Earth's crammed with heaven, every common bush afire with God.

My lecturer’s opening line;
‘Christianity is an invitation to the struggle’.
This was by no means an inference that life with God is an existence void of light. He was making the point that while living here (on planet earth), we face an eternal tension, trials, ‘the struggle’. The tension between the ‘now’ and the ‘not yet’. The pain of living in a messy world and yet simultaneously experiencing the deep knowing and evidence that the Kingdom of God is present.
I guess my friends and I (Jesus-followers) wouldn’t lean toward using this opening line if we were asking someone to come along to church. “Hey, this Christianity thing, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced… keen to check it out?”
Although what I’ve just said is true, the seeming opposite is equal in truth. Life with God is the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced. In the best of times. In the worst of times. (Charles Dickens sometimes steals my one-liners.)
For me, a big chunk of 2016 was a whirlwind of death, grief and confusing paradox. At times, heaven seemed more tangible than earth. The gap seems smaller.
I love when we discover a book or song or art piece that helps give expression to the emotions and process we’re experiencing. This song has helped me to engage with (without going crazy) the teetering/fragile/blurred line between heaven and earth.
What do you think of the song?

I recently found myself at a week’s end, wondering where on earth the last 7 days had gone. It felt like the 7 days had run off together in some sick, twisted romance and left me on my own, time-spent. Minutes, hours and days had slipped by as if in an instant.

This silly meme came to mind;
**SITS DOWN** [5 mins later]
Cool, only 40 more years to go.

So often, we just exist. If you’re anything like me, it seems to go one of two ways;

We get swept up in this ‘FRIYAY’ crazed world where we’re all living for the weekend or the awesome future trip to some place where we’re lying on the beach sipping cocktails. We find ourselves in mundane moments, desperate to escape them and move on to the adventure, the thrill, the chill.

Or, we attempt to cram so much content into our lives that in a blink of an eye (or two), a decade has passed and a lifetime seems shorter than it once did.

I felt challenged recently to...
it all

Of course there is no literal way to slow down time (unless you’re God, I suppose), but we definitely can take stock of individual moments and notice them. We can slow down our internal posture. We can all take a 2 second breath and think ‘this moment is a moment and I am fully here in this moment – present to the task at hand and the people around me…. there is good and bad in this moment, but I am all here’.
I don’t want to live a life void of meaningful moments. And to clarify, I don’t think that a meaningful moment has to be something extraordinary. The most meaning-filled experiences I’ve had are pretty ordinary. The thing that makes them meaningful is the realisation that heaven is in them. In every single one. The God I know isn’t some far-off, distant deity. He is closer than the very breath in our lungs and lives each day, each step, with us.

What's one of your most ordinary yet meaning-filled experiences?

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Soooo, I'm running a Hand Lettering workshop to raise money to help Ugandan women start their own small businesses. 25th Nov. 10am-2pm. $35. Northgate Hall. Watch the video and check out the link to book 😁 (it’s also in my bio)


"I'm hurt and in pain;
Give me space for healing, and mountain air."
[Psalm 69:29, MSG]

Mountain air.

I am intrigued by the idea of needing “mountain air” in moments of hurt and pain.

What is it about air on a mountain that is any different to normal air?

My first thought is, location. Your physical body needs to be located atop a mountain to breathe in the surrounding air. Perhaps this is an encouragement to attempt to take a bird’s-eye view of the things that are weighing us down. An encouragement to seek a new perspective, to remove ourselves momentarily from our realities and look to God, with the firm knowledge that he holds the bigger picture.

A second contemplation point – mountain air is a lot thinner than normal air. Could the air’s ‘thinness’ be likened to what we desperately need in life, to hear God? Our days can become polluted with intensity, complexity, pain, hurt…. maybe sometimes it takes spending some time in that simplified/thinned out air to hear God’s uninterrupted voice?

Earlier this year, I felt compelled to give a gift to a person who I respect greatly. Filled with confidence, I set out to my local shopping centre and purchased the perfect item. I arrived home and placed the item in a prime location – on my bookshelf. For the next few months, the shelf became the gift’s place of residence. It lived there, it gathered dust there, it was seemingly going to retire there. I would look at the gift daily, overthinking how it would be received. I even considered keeping it for myself, it’s not like anyone would ever know. Right? Pride, fear and awkwardness kept me in a state of frozen inaction.

After spending way too much time and energy on attempting to validate my inaction, I decided it was time to give the gift to its rightful heir.

On my way to see the gift-recipient, I ran into a good friend and asked whether they might give the gift on my behalf. The words my friend said in response were nothing short of profound. “No, you take it. It will be good for them to see you.” That comment re-aligned my whole thought process. It reminded me that we should give as if our gift matters, as if our presence matters. We should speak as if our words matter. We should live as if our lives matter. It made me realise that what I had to offer was something worthwhile and that I should confidently bring my gift and know it would add value to its recipient.

I wonder whether there might be a gift that you have been holding, perhaps in a state of frozen inaction? Words of encouragement, talents, that business idea?

Whatever it is that you have to give – it is worthwhile. Whether it is small or large, collectively, we can engage with and empower our spheres of influence through the gifts that we have been given.

As the sun sang her final curtain call for the day 😍

Yesterday, I saw my first sunrise. Yep, that's right, my first one. At 28 years old.

I reckon I never truly knew a 'day' before yesterday. I've known about days, I've been located in over 10,000 days, I've experienced what a day has to offer, but I've never known her, deep in her soul.

Imagine if a day was a metaphor for a persons life. Sunrise: the moment of birth. Sunset: the moment of departure.

We meet people every day. People who are married, people with jobs, people who are studying, people with kids, people with a bunch of differing current realities. If you're only destined to be acquaintances, perhaps knowing their current-reality is enough. However, if you decide to become friends with this new person, then it would be safe to assume that you'd probably be interested in their journey leading up to today. You'd be interested in their childhood experiences or ask what life was like before kids. You may ask to hear stories of their wedding day and show interest in the highs and lows of life and take note of lessons they'd learnt along the way.

I've come to realise that I have never bothered to ask a single 'day' about her history. I’ve treated them like acquaintances, never fully understanding the depth of Day's beauty.

If I had been a better friend to Day, I'd ask: What is it like at the start, as first light meets residing darkness? What colours are your skies when the sun begins to rise and light up the heavens? What is your air like - its smell, its temperature? How does it feel to carry the weight of new mercies?

Here's to getting to know you all better; days and humankind alike.

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