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There is no other human quite like Van. He writes, he teaches, he prophesies, he pastors and he encourages people to discover their true selves in Christ. He loves birds and reads the Bible in Greek for fun.
I am grateful for Van’s voice in my life over the years – I have stretched and grown from hearing his Godly wisdom.
I am beyond excited to have Dr Van Shore share with our Writer’s Guild on the 10th of March (2 weeks!)
If you are a words-person or even if you’re not but you’d just like to be in the room, COME!
// PM me for the event link.

It's not over.
The journey is not complete.
God has not given up on you.
You've done things...
Things that have hurt God
And people.
But, you are forgiven -
He has forgiven you.
He forgives you
There are new dreams to be had.
Fresh vision
And anointing.
The work will be worth it.
He is building character in you
That will never be shaken.
You are now building your house on the rock!
The past was sinking sand...
No one wants to live there.
Don't be jealous of days gone by...
They are nothing compared to His fresh promises.
Keep moving forward -
You can do this!

Link is in my bio if you're interested 👍

So, I've been feeling pretty sick this week and if I'm honest, I have been fairly pathetic and mopey about the whole silly thing.
I was reflecting just now on the fact that it's only been a week of feeling like this and it's really not a big deal in the scheme of things. There was a time when I wasn't well for two whole years... two years!!! But, by the grace of God I find myself almost 5 years free from that beasty.
I was reminded this week (by a friend's reality) of the lead up to getting a diagnosis. My story was 11 months of tests before getting an answer. There was poking and MRI's and invasive things every week to try and work out what was wrong. My mind would constantly see-saw between "this round of scary tests came back negative, phew..." and "...arrghh I just need an answer! Any answer will do. I feel crazy!"
Why am I sharing this? Mostly because I am aware that there may be a few people reading this thinking "yeah, me too."
It is hard to offer words that hold weight when I'm on the other side of that awful season, but maybe these words that helped me might help you.
Oh and PM me if you need to externally process. ❤
Hope sat next to me
and whispered,
"just one more step
this is not forever."
Upon hearing,
I knew completion would come...
in perfect timing,
not mine.
Hope never left my side
He listened in the dark.

God is faithful. 😭

Woooo!! Tomorrow morning, 10am - 12pm, come drink coffee and write all the things with us!

Repost from last year. Still relevant. Forever relevant. //
Creativity. Maybe the purpose of creativity isn’t to be found submerged in the accolade of men. Maybe the purpose of creativity is to help connect human beings to God… and to one another. Perhaps, the commission of our existence, “to love God and love others”, is designed to be the driving force behind any creative endeavour we put our hands to?!

"And we will come back home
And we will come back home
Home, again!"
These are my most favourite lyrics from 'The Greatest Showman'. (This is a big call as I listen to the soundtrack daily! I am obsessed.)
It always gets me thinking about the big 'coming back home' moments in my life.
The biggest one was when I was 15, I came home to Jesus. I encountered him for the first time and my life was changed forever.
Another series of 'coming back home' moments happened when I first reconnected with parts of my indigenous family.
In 2013, I met my first Aboriginal, blood-Aunty from my Mum’s side. I will try my best to explain a moment that almost can’t be explained in words. I got out of the car and walked over to where she sat on the front porch. The first words out of her mouth were “welcome home” as she flung her arms around me and we both cried. It was very similar when I met my other three Aunties as well.
Do you have a "welcome home/coming home" story?

Here's a reflective post about Team Night (in true Jade-fashion): I have been coming to Team Nights since I was 17. Back then, we called it WACA (worship and creative arts) but these days we have it down to its smallest self - "TN".
These are the nights where I met my closest friends. It's been a place where I've found people older and younger than me who have become like family.. they are the nights I have stepped out of my comfort zone and taken a chance on creativity, nights of input and challenging concepts, they are nights where I have met with God, time and time again. They are nights where I have encouraged others on their creative journeys, hugged people, been hugged, been offended (😂), been forgiven... they are nights where creatives from all genres can gather and stir up purpose, together.
They are nights where all are welcome. Production people. Musos. Dancers. Vocals. Photographers. Artists. Writers. Designers. Tailors. Actors. Air-breathers.
Tomorrow, we launch for '18. 6.45pm @ @hillsongbne @brisbanecreative

I told myself that I wouldn't post anything today.. mostly because these posts seem to turn into a big fight between people who can't see where either side is coming from... but here we are. I don't want to say anything and I don't want to not say anything (yes, I'm complex).
I have a lot to learn when it comes to my heritage, but what I do know is that around this date, a long time ago, a bunch of people landed in this nation, put up their flag and slaughtered the locals. That's history. I'm not saying that 'you' landed here and killed my family (ridiculous argument #1). But, what you and I are doing is choosing whether we celebrate on a date when that stuff happened.
There is a lot of heartbreak in Australia's history but obviously there is also a lot of good. The thing I don't get is how we can try and celebrate the good on such a significantly sour date.
PS: these are some of my Aunties and Mum - none of them grew up together because of some of that heartbreak in Australia's history that I mentioned. I honour their strength and tenacity today. Happy Survival Day x

Comparison. It has the sneaky ability to ruin our sense of purpose and derail our direction.
It hinders our ability to start. It says that your idea isn't original, that someone else has already done it, so what's the point? It tells you that you will never be like that other person - they will always be steps ahead of you and you'll never catch up. It'll whisper that you're not pretty enough, you're not confident enough and you're not creative enough to do that thing you're dreaming about. It'll talk you into thinking that there are other (legitimate) reasons why you haven't started, it's not because you're comparing yourself… you just have to get that one last thing sorted first before you can start… right?
So, I've realised something pretty groundbreaking: I will never be the BEST. I will never be the best hand letterer or the best writer or the best graphic designer or the best leader or the best human (hint: Jesus won that last prize). There's only a very small percentage of humanity who can be in the top percentile in any area, so chances are, I probably just won't make the cut. And do you know what I've come to understand? That is 100% okay.
However, there is one competition that I can, without a doubt, beat you at hands down. If we were competing to see who could "be Jade the best", I betcha I'd win. You wouldn't even get close to being in the top percentile. I'd have a clean win. I'd be strides ahead, accepting my Jade-prize with no runner up in sight.
Without comparison throwing shade, there's no reason why we can't be who we were made to be. Why don't we make a careful exploration of 'who we are' - learn about how we are uniquely created and what we are to do… and then do that, with our whole selves. That's the only race we need to run. I can't live my purpose with the work you've been given and you can't live yours with mine!
In the words of Apostle Paul from the Bible, "Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life."

When a friend gives you a new book to celebrate a new chapter. ❤

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