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Jade Kim  Humans call me Jade✌ Others call me carbon-based🔬 Heavy Lifting💪 Heavy Music💀 TMRO Science Host🔭 Stay Weird 👌 I'm on a YouTubes!

93 million miles away, and that damn plasma ball can still cook me with its rays. #Rude 🌞🌡 #WhaddupSun #Heliophysics

Thunder thighs courtesy of McDonald's fries 🍟☇ Photo taker @t_hagenphotos

I feel like the 🙆🏻 emoji

@t_hagenphotos is a wizard.

Where do I even begin. You were an inspiration to millions, and I was no exception. You stoked my curiosity into the worlds of both the micro and macrocosm, from quantum particles to black holes. Your elegant way of making even the most complex ideas accessible to all helped inspire me to pursue my passion for science communication. But beyond the scientific, you were the pinnacle of defying adversity in every sense of the word. Your humor, your wit, and your endless curiosity will forever be engrained in this little corner of space-time. You're one with the cosmos now, Professor. #StephenHawking #RIP

It's not about how much you lift or how bad you smell following the lifts, it's about how awkward you can make your raptor hands look while taking a mirror selfie in the bathroom when no one's looking because even you are embarrassed by the vanity.

Now I can kinda see why Farrah Fawcett low-key looked so uncomfortable. Sitting like this sucks tbh. That's like, 135 pounds of pure Jade courtesy of Korean BBQ and IPAS resting solely on my delicate little shins. I know it doesn't look like it but I'm actually screaming in agony on the inside.

Thanks @t_hagenphotos

Lunar continents and stellar oceans, a little meta considering the moon was once a part of the Earth and the oceans being comprised of atoms originally formed in the cores of stars. That and this tapestry covers up a really ugly wall in my room and low-key makes me feel like a Bond villain. Wanna hear me talk about the latest in science news interlaced with terrible (amazing) dad jokes?? Tune in tomorrow to the TMRO YouTube channel. We go live at noon 🤖🚀👽

Rick Astley will let you borrow any movie from his Pixar collection, except one. He's never gonna give you up. 🕺

#NeverGonnaLetYouDown #NeverGonnaHitThoseNotes

My official submission to be the next Life Alert spokesmodel #NailedIt 📷 @t_hagenphotos

Posing lessons by Jade: 1) Do I smell funny? 2) Oh hey, pizza. 3) I guess I do smell funny, better air out. 📷: @t_hagenphotos


Don't mind me, just adjusting my invisible pants 👖

Photographic wizardry by dear friend and rad dude @t_hagenphotos

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