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Jade Spilka  21 / Nashville & NYC / Writer for the Pageant Planet

Looking at finals week like...💀

Later we can go skiing on my jawline

World's Okayest Bowlers🏆

#gno // Pinewood Social

2 weeks ago I got to celebrate my 21st birthday with my best friends in the world. Each friendship I have within this group of beautiful, intelligent, driven, and fiercely independent ladies is a blessing too large to measure. Gabriel ( @anaenotann ), we've always just gotten each other. Some souls just understand each other upon meeting. The fact that someone as wonderful as you exists is proof that God is real. It's amazing to experience your presence every day. On my lowest days, there's no where else I'd rather be than with you laughing at a movie that no one else thinks is funny. Carley ( @carleymflint ), would you like to switch wardrobes?? You are seriously a fashion icon. I've never seen someone look so perfectly put together all the time. You are not only pretty, but you are also bold and faithful to God, a beautiful combination. You inspire me with your ability to stay true to your convictions. Kathryn ( @kathryngraby ), even if I tried for hours, I couldn't dream up a woman more wonderful than you. You make the stars jealous. Seriously. Your empathy and genuine concern for the wellbeing of others is beautiful. We need more Kathryn Grabys in the world. Olivia (@oliviaawaldorf ), I am amazed at your undying support of the women in your life. You're loving, encouraging, and intelligent. You're like a unicorn. And even despite being so wonderful, you've always been so humble. There's classes I wouldn't have wanted to go through without you and your spirit that lifts so many up. Hannah (@hannahhausman ), some people look up to their heroes. I'm best friends with mine. You're a ball of love and beauty, compassion and understanding, courage and adventure. Basically you're everything good in this world and I'm so happy to have you by my side. You're just such a beautiful human. I feel I'm insulting you even calling you human.

My roomie doesn't need a filter🔥

Pinewood Social // 🎳

📸 / 🌉

What are we going to do with all this future?

Best friends living in the greatest city in the world❤️

I thought to myself, "there aren't enough selfies on Instagram... I think I'll contribute."

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