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Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.
Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.
~ Brené Brown

✨GIVEAWAY✨(this marble bag)
This cute gym duffle bag from @vooray can be used in the gym, while traveling, or if you are like me and bring your life with you everywhere you go, it can replace your purse. It even has a detachable shoulder strap and fits all your gym accessories!
Good luck!!!😘😘
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Next month marks my first year as a personal trainer @elite.trainingfacility
I never thought in a million years going through my own personal journey would lead me to helping other women.
Every single woman I have worked with has made an impact on my life. We have created a POSITIVE culture. The energy, sweat, and laughter is what gets me up at 4:00am every single day.
Every woman has a story. Every woman has a past. Every woman is capable of changing the environment they live in. These women all have different reasons for coming to me, that being said I feel so empowered watching each and everyone of them change not only there bodies, but there minds. We have built friendships, relationships, and compliment each other’s qualities and insecurities.
Woman are capable of bringing each other up. Waking up everyday with a purpose. A purpose to be happy and healthy. You are capable of changing your future.

What a special weekend at @fitcon I got the opportunity of speaking with these two amazing women about Macros! We were all a little nervous to talk since it was our first time not only meeting but public speaking. @macro_mini @madison.walks follow these women for motivation!
Sharing the same passion whether you are a trainer, coach, mom, school teacher, is what brings such a variety of individuals into a community.
Thank you for all the support I am constantly receiving. Thanks @chanellecozette for putting an amazing group of girls together!

I am not sure which one is better....
@urhairsucks booty or her working her magic on my hair???
If you are looking for a hairstylist near Sandy, UT this is your lady!

You don’t need any equipment and can do this at home or in the gym. My abs were so sore from this circuit.

Plank/Ab Circuit 2x30 (each side)

•Forearm to Straight Arm
•Side to Side Taps
•Plank Jacks
•Spider-Man Planks
•Plank Rotations
•Side Dips
•Side Plank Rotations
•Plank Reach Through

🎶Be Like You by Whethen

Taco Tuesday🌮🌮🌮
I meal prep my chicken by sticking 4-5 chicken breast (unthawed) in a crockpot with one can of chicken broth then add two cans of water and let it cook for 6 hours on high or 8 hours on low.
•2-3 corn tortillas
•4oz shredded chicken
•1 cup black beans
•salsa or hot sauce
•top with cilantro
You can also use wheat tortillas to make it healthier.

I get the privilege of speaking with all of these beautiful motivating women this
Saturday April 7th from 10am-4pm at @fitcon It will be held at The Salt Palace in Salt Lake Coty, Utah. I will be speaking at 11:00am and would love to see you all there!
Last year I was at Fitcon and was begging to get a photo with @emilyhayden
One year later and I am blessed to be on stage speaking about something that I am so passionate about and that has changed my life.
If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, the link is in my bio💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Here are a few of my favorite squats. Wether you are a man or a women, it’s okay to set your ego aside and focus on the form rather than the weight.

Squat Variation 3x15

•Front Squat
•Back Squat W/Lateral Raise
•Back Squat
•Seated Back Squat
•Squat Taps

🎶Dirty Sexy Money by David Guetta
I am wearing my new white headphones from @sudio

It’s been a while since I have posted a transformation photo of my personal journey.
Sooo I wanted to be real for a minute...
I worked my ass off in the gym and the kitchen to get these results. That being said, my “six pack” is partially good genetics. It’s not impossible to get a flat stomach or muscle in that area but I wasn’t doing a crazy amount of abs. Eating as clean as I did I shed every ounce of fat to get a flat belly and that was the first time I even knew a six pack existed under all my fat.
Thick wasted figures have an easier time getting that six pack look. #transformationtuesday

I wanted to wish this babe a HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉🎉
Denver, Colorado was quite an adventure with you and by far the best St. Patty’s Day I have had. 🍀
Excited for more adventures with youuuuu💁🏼@bbullocksss

When that shoulder burn has you leaving the gym barely being able to lift your arms to the steering wheel.

Shoulders 3x15

•Single Rope Swings (3x30 sec)
•Seated Rope Russian Twists
(Feet up & Lean Back)

•Plate Twist Raises
•Reverse Front Raises
•Alternating Lateral/Front Raises
•Upright Rows
•Arnold Press (ball or bench)
•Shoulder Taps
•Plank Side Crunches

🎶Sunburn by DROELOE

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