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Jade Colebrook  My Fitness Journey💪🏽 🏋🏽‍♀️Certified Personal Trainer @The Elite Training Facility 💌jadeshia.fitness@gmail.com bslaus9❤️

Sun Shine on my mind☀️

Strive to be the best version of you.

Raw & Organic Water

Water Kefir

Is a natural and ancient fermented beverage full of probiotics, vitamins and enzymes that make you feel amazing inside and out.
In other words they can reduce bloating, help food cravings, improve digestion, and strengthen your immune system, and increase your energy. Amazing benefits.

I tried these yummy waters last week, and have seen a difference in my energy. I would suggest these especially if you have a low immune system and get sick easy.
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If you are looking for a sore Booty, try these variations. I call them hip thrusts, also known as bridges. The satisfaction of a sore🍑
Gluteus Maximus 3x15
1️⃣Flat Bridges
2️⃣Bench Bridges
3️⃣Weighted Bridges
Add a Step
4️⃣Weight Bridges
6️⃣Bridges w/Thigh Abductor
🎼Love$tick by Mura Masa

I got asked a simple question yesterday by @mjelitealphalife "Who is Jade?" As a Personal Trainer...
I honestly had to go home and think about it all night. I started my own journey August 2016, that has changed my life in every aspect. I never expected it to, let alone get the opportunity to change others lives.
I have learned from my experiences, such as figuring out who I was off the soccer field. Gaining weight from not understanding what I was putting into my body wasn't good for it. To being too skinny, because I thought the "less I ate, the skinner I could be." Being worried that lifting weights would make me bulky. Or doing less cardio would put the pounds back on. Stepping on the scale almost every single day, disappointed and satisfied. Failing, and wanting to give up. Skipping workouts, to working out twice in one day. Realizing and convincing my mind that anything is possible. Being happy with who I am and how I looked in the mirror. Accepting that everyone's body type is different, and accepting I have curves. If I didn't go through these experiences personally, and learn from them, I wouldn't have the passion to help other people gain the knowledge and confidence I have now, and to trust me in bettering their lives, in the ways it has changed mine.
No I am not perfect, far from it actually. But I have gained confidence, inner confidence, outer confidence, knowledge. It has made me more patient, understanding, and genuine to everyone around me. It has not been an easy road to become a full time personal trainer, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love myself, the people I am surrounded by, and the job I have.

My first love, with my love. ⚽️⚽️

It's important to have friends and relationships with people who support your dreams, your goals, and who share the same passion as you do. I couldn't have gone through this journey alone, let alone this weekend without these two. Love you😘😘 #womenpowerwomen

Tried this yummy salad that has a spicy kick to it from @wasatchbroiler 👅👅

Thank you to all the girls who came to Booty & Brunch. We had such an amazing turn out and a sweaty Booty Workout. I appreciate all the support, I am surrounded by amazing people.
I will continue to do Booty & Brunch twice a month, it's a great way to make friends, meet new people who share your same passion, and to get a good workout.
I couldn't have done it without @kels4fitness and @tessacurtis ❤️
I am grateful @mjelitealphalife and @elite.trainingfacility have given me this opportunity.
A huge thanks to @bamproteinshakes for providing the Brunch🙌🏽
#bootyandbrunch #womenpowerwomen

Happy Flex Friday💪🏽💪🏽
What's your favorite body part to train?
Mine has become... Legs🍑
The amount of work you have to put in to see results is so satisfying.

I have teamed up with @goldfishlook to give away 3 FREE (Adorable) Pairs of Leggings during my Booty & Brunch Event.
🍑Saturday July 15th 10:00am-11:30am🍑

🎉Grand Opening🎉
Saturday July 15th 8:00am-12:00pm
12336 S. 450 E. Draper, Ut 84020
Free Workouts, Raffle Tickets, Amazing Prizes

• Goldfishlook Boutique
• Dexa Body Scan
• Quest Nutrition
• Bam Protein

You HAVE to be SIGNED UP & PRESENT for the Booty & Brunch Event to be entered to WIN the Leggings. LINK IN MY BIO👉🏽

Results happen overtime, not overnight. Work Hard, stay Consistent, and be Patient.

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