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HMU if you want me to make a pin for you or if u wanna buy my zines I'm printing this week or whatever so I can fund my trip to LA ✨ #marilynmanson #gothbitch #purplehair #buymyshit

*screams internally* this will be a long summer #infinitejest #davidfosterwallace

Cozy girl gang. Been dancing all day and living life. Being cute. Thriving. #webcam #cute #americanapparel #baby

This has been a hard year. A hard lifetime. This is my 15th Father's Day without you and next month marks 16 years since you've left. I've said almost all I can say, and I hope you hear it all.
You weren't perfect. You broke out of jail cells and fought until your mouth bled. You escaped hospital rooms in nothing but a gown as thin as paper and broke into cars to get money for food. You were a genius, but your life took a turn for the worse. Nonetheless, you tried your best to provide for me and it showed. While in and out of prisons, you made sure to spend time with me. I wish I can say the same for some other people.
It breaks my heart to see how badly you wanted to leave this earth, and I hope you know that you saved me when I thought the same thing. It's tragic your life ended at such short notice due to a heartless man, and sometimes I wonder if that man is still out there and is ridden with the guilt of taking you away from me. I will never know, but I can hope.
All I have left of you is a few letters and some photos. I also have your spirit. I hope to be reunited with you someday. Thank you for all you've done for me. Rest well. Give me a sign someday. I love you. Happy Father's Day. #imissyou #fathersday #happyfathersday #dad

Tonight was a magical night despite getting sexually harassed. Follow my story and @swellgear's story (some won't load due to the horrible connection in the venue). Be sweet to each other and from the bottom of my heart, thank you LCD Soundsystem for making me feel such beautiful emotions. #brooklynsteel #lcdsoundsystem #jamesmurphy #discoball #musicjournalist #musicjournalism

Hey I'm seeing LCD Soundsystem tonight and I want to cry. Follow me at @swellgear for a cute lil IG story of the show! This is a photo from when I saw them for the first time last year at outside lands ✨ #outsidelands #lcdsoundsystem #jamesmurphy #electronic #music #musicjournalism #musicjournalist #photography #musicphotography #brooklyn #brooklynsteel #newyork

Hey I don't like to do this but I had to because I had another little breakdown™. Today, a mean and horrible woman said this to me because I criticized the police system. My father was part of that system. My father has been in and out of prison multiple times, has been harassed by police officers multiple times, and was very much a part of that system. I firmly believe if the prisons did more than just lock him up and throw away the key, he would be alive today. Instead of offering rehabilitation and love, they left him to rot. He had to give up days of food to be able to send my mother letters. He fought tooth and nail to survive. Instead of helping him, they treated him like absolute shit. They pushed him out of those doors and waited patiently for him to be dragged back in.
Despite this, my father did NOTHING to deserve being killed. NOTHING. He was in the passenger seat of a car and was shot. The bullet was meant to just shoot at the car but somehow went through the seat and got my father. His best friend was traumatized in the driver's seat and my father was left for dead. They never found the man who did it.
I've been dealing with shit about my fucking dad for years. I've heard everything from gang member to racial slurs. My father may not have been the best civilian but god damn he was a fantastic father who did everything he could to provide for me, but the shit system we have in place prevented him from staying with me. The police system is built on the backs of people like my father, and I will not be silent while people disrespect his short yet beautiful life.
Go fuck yourself Haven.
#policebrutality #ftp #fuckthepolice

I finally got one of my other dream watches. This is the Don't Be Too Late watch from Swatch released in 1984. They did an homage to this watch in the 90s that said "don't be too square" which is my next find. This watch is incredibly rare and valuable with a perfect condition one going for 800+ dollars. Somehow, I got it for 60. Very excited to wear and love this one. #swatch #watch #swatchcollector #watchcollector #nostalgia #vintage

Getting used to my new friend. Thanks @citymd and @northsidefestival 💕 here's hoping I get those #panoramafestival tickets #citymd #nomakeup #dontjudgeme

On the year anniversary of the Pulse massacre, I want to remember the lives we lost. It was not just an attack on LGBT people, but an attack on POC. People who entered a club expecting those walls to shelter them from the cold world on the outside had their lives taken away from them. This is not a matter of religion or anything, but as a matter of intolerance. We must speak the names of those who passed, not the man behind the gun.
I would like to remember Sylvia Rivera and Marsha Johnson on this day during this pride month. We would not have what we have today if it weren't for trans women of color and POC in general. These people opened the doors of what we know as the modern gay rights movement.
Orlando, I pray for you every day. My heart weeps yet it also beats for you. Heaven didn't need 49 more angels, but they received them regardless and you are doing a fine job of watching over us.
Stay safe this month and forever. I love you all. #lgbt #gay #orlandounitedday #pulse #stonewall #pride #pridemonth

Excuse my damn feet. I got my flag for pride courtesy of @jeffrosenstock. Jeff has seriously saved my life over the years and I've made so many friends thanks to the community that was created around his music. I'm so proud to be able to muster up the courage to fully express my identity with the lovely people I surround myself with. Thanks for everything Jeff and co ✨ #pride #lgbt #jeffrosenstock #northside #northsidefestival #bisexual #pansexual #queer

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