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Brown skin, you’re up against my brown skin. 🌱

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When @elizabethdonnell takes pics of you.

I don’t really say much on social media but lately I've been feeling like the happiest version of myself all because of one small decision.

All my life, I've been told to minimise myself. Don't be so loud, Jade! Don't wear your hair natural, it's too bushy. Are you sure you want to wear that outfit, it's a bit dramatic?! Jade, don't post that, that's distasteful.

And I'm just so tired of having to be the most polite, toned down, "acceptable" version of myself whether it's online or in certain environments. I used to keep telling myself that when I get this job, or when I'm at my goal weight or when I'm finally a well-rounded "lady" (What even is that?) then I'm going to be happy and get on with "living my best life". But you know what? I am living my best life. And all because of the decision to be responsible for my own happiness each and every day. Things aren't perfect but this funny thing happens when you decide not to worry about what others will say or think. You start to care less and so does everyone else around you.
Stop living in the shadows and let your light shine bright, unapologetically. Try it - you might like it.
Trying to live a life that doesn’t offend anyone will lead to not living a full one, and I can’t imagine anything worse.

I’ll take any sun I can get right now.

Meet St. Mary's DSG Kloof's Head Girl for 2018, my amazing sister @ifellfromatree 😭

Every time I think she couldn't make me any more proud, she does. Well done Kirst, we love you so much.

Our secret lives as WAGS continue as we sip on wine and giggle through massages together - my doctor is cooler than yours, obvs. 🍷

Lets go back to poolside chilling followed by Hammam baths 🐳🐬🐠

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