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  Slinging peanuts and saving lives ✈️❤️ One day at a time ✌🏼

Thank you for sharing these past 5 years with me. For letting me be a grateful witness to your lives and stories. I've traveled, loved, and lived vicariously through all of you- and felt the joys and sorrows you've experienced and shared down to the very tips of my toes. I've celebrated your life events in every form they've manifested in and just cannot even begin to tell you what an honor and privilege that has been. On that note, I'm saying goodbye❤✈️ I have things I want to focus on, with 100% of my spirit...stacks of books I've been meaning to read, half written musings in a dozen notebooks, friendships that need actual face time, a life that's beckoning to be lived and not necessarily documented...and something pure and beautiful with a really good human being that I want to nurture and grow in a real, sacred, and protected way. Y'all get that; I know it ❤Big, big love to all of you- truly, truly. I've loved this, I'm so grateful...and now I'm closing this chapter. See you all in the skies ✈️😘

4 years 3 months and 12 days ago.
Gate 14.
Waiting on a plane.
I'm wearing hiking boots with my uniform.
We spend the flight back to Phoenix talking about all things home.
A couple years and a couple mistakes go by.
I see you and can't place you.
3 flights later it hits me-
Oh yes, yes-
All things home.
You've been a whisper since August.
I'm playing these cards close to my chest.
(Momma he's kind, is it too soon to tell? I've been shaking since that last one...)
But we are
hands held across the console
kayaking to dinner
Thai food and old movies
lunch in the Water Gap
hikes to Sunfish Pond.
We sing along to the same songs
and I hear myself say to the people that know me best, "He's a maker. With Hemingway on his bookshelf..."
And they understand the gravity
of that little puzzle piece.
Time is a funny thing.
Here we are.
Newark, Gate 14.
I'm watching your plane pull away.
All things home.
('Good night, sweet girl'; I'm easy, I know)
That being said,
I've wanted to drink you like moonshine-
fast and fervent,
like I do.
But I'm learning to sip the things
I want to last.

Zero degrees. Sick crew. Questionable bedfellows. Typical. #saltlakecity

Sweet baby Jesus we gotta Ricker brother visit 🙌🏽 #thanksscheduling

Just seeing 2016 out like 👋🏽😘✌🏽

Yesterday was great. Bigtime great. An I cried type of great. Which isn't abnormal, actually, but- you know- in that positive affirmation, textbook Leos-love-to-be-pet kinda way 🦁 Hearing my work being read in a British accent sure didn't hurt; I'm going to try to do that all day and see where it gets me. And thank goodness for people that force me out of my turtleshell so that stuff like this even happens 🐢 Love love love💗💗💗 #goodvibes

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

Well. That's not Newark☀️. And this is definitely not a pm. #goodintentions #fortlauderdale

As above, so below ☀️ Headed out on a 3 day and marinating in meditations on kindness that I'm hoping will propel me through the holiday travel season🙈🎄I'll see y'all in the air❤ #theemeraldtablet

Stewardess days off 🎄❤️✈️ Pennsylvania👩🏻, Nebraska👩🏻 and Michigan👩🏻 represent 💅🏽#rideordies

Sprinkling goodmorning vibes from Denver to Kansas City ❤️✈️✨ #hugsallaround

It's Christmas🎄. In New York City🗽. Dinner at Carmines🍝 with @flyluv ...I'm the happiest girl you know. #allthefeels

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