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Jade  I take lots of different pictures that probably speak volumes about who I am as a person | Every day is another chance to change your life | Fernweh.

Watching the sun go down in Kurdistan | beautiful place, lovely people |

I love fireworks | loud noises and pretty colours | This was a most amazing firework show, in Cornwall last year | I look forward to returning to England

Bridge to The old Sarum | I have one question, do you feel fulfilled?

Throwback to the very beautiful Austria | The sun was warm and the view was simply breathtaking |

Cyprus was so lovely | you can't beat a trip to the beach, hearing the waves crashing and feeling the sun on your skin and the sand between your toes | what's your favourite beach?

Snooping around some spooky abandoned place the other week | I love just acting like a child and forgetting about doing adult things

Two little birds joining me on the beach in Akrotiri | I'd love to be able to fly without aid

On cloud nine | Daydreaming my way through the day as always

Had an amazing trip to the beach earlier this week in Cyprus | there was only two of us on the whole of the beach and it was a beautifully warm day | I love hearing the crash of waves and smelling the fresh salty air

Here we have some Roman ruins in Akrotiri | Cyprus is such a lovely place with equally as lovely weather

A nice walk along a river would be so very wonderful right now | The sky looks quite bizarre in this photo I took last week

I crave adventure

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