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I’ll show you how it’s suppose to feel🌊
Part 2 of my Choreo/ending freestyle
So grateful to be able to have dance to express myself, to allow me to travel the world, and to make a good living. I LOVE music. And I try my best to embody the emotion happening during a song. Please enjoy:)
Choreo: @jadebug98
Song: Orion’s Belt @sabrinaclaudio
@nmdfconvention @zproductionpl

Happy #JadeSelfLove Sunday. This scene from @stepupseries is all about recovery.
Sometimes we push ourselves to the edge of our physical capabilities and it’s important to remember that’s our commitment to recover is just as necessary as our commitment to growth.
Give yourself time to heal! Self love is about caring for yourself through the good AND the bad times.
@stepupseries @fit2beitofficial
Song: “Bird Set Free” @siamusic
Check out my IGTV for the extended behind the scenes rehearsal footage from my water dance!!🌊
I only had 8 hours spread of two days to go through condensed air tank breathing/water certification. The water definitely added a whole new aspect to dancing and it took a while for me to figure out the whole antigravity thing. So happy with the result of something I put a lot of work into.

He’s studying my freckles like the constellations✨
Here’s my Choreo to Orions Belt from @nmdfconvention @zproductionpl
Thank you to everyone who took and dove into the story with me. I still think I have a ways to go with choreography, but one thing I know I can teach is performance.
Song: my fav artist @sabrinaclaudio “Orion’s Belt”

If you fall in....scratch that. When you fall in love with me my love is 24/7 baby💕😝
CONGRATS to @cachemelvin on her first class in La!! You killed it and I look forward to seeing more of your creativity come to life! Love you sis!
Choreo: @cachemelvin
Song: @meekmill @ellamai “24/7
Filmed: @rudeboydonovan @theplaygroundla

Family Portrait
How’s everyone liking Season 2 of @stepupseries ???

Mr. Steal Yo Girl
Season 2 is out now!!! Go binge your hearts out!

Oh my freaking goshhhhhhhhhhh!The new Season of Step Up comes out tonight, March 20th at 5
PM PST and you can watch and chat with with me on the Step Up Series YouTube page!!!
What do you think will happen with #Dodalie?!? @stepupseries @carlitosway89

Come on...tell me you’re going to watch Step Up?
I know it’s late, but I’m just too excited about Season 2 of @stepupseries premiering tomorrow!!!!

She gotta🍑
Wooooahhhhh. Thank you @jblazeofficial for this class! I respect the hell out of you and it was an honor even getting called out! Love your Choreo and your classes because they are so conversational and the movement is so unique! Thanks for the bomb classssss
Choreo: @jblazeofficial
Song: @souljaboy “Donk”
Filmed: @kreativebeno

Apparently I was the only one who didn’t get the baywatch memo❤️....but it was a great Saint Patty’s day🌿

Stop waiting for motivation and inspiration before you chase your dreams! Take ACTION💥
Doing > Talking
Start a legacy of action today and take hold of what life has in store for you
#SelfLove #action

You must love yourself internally to glow externally✨
📷: @madisoncubbage

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