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Jadah Doll 💋  Hi I'm Jadah! ❤️ Model. Makeup addict. Travel addict. Dog addict. YT📽:CallJadahDoll💄 Snap👻:LifeOfJadahDoll 💌Bookings: JadahBirdManagement@gmail.com

💝 Love Bug 💝

My Valentine runs on batteries.

“She was bad at love. She loved too hard.”

💗 Small & Needy 🎀

Y’all played all the good girls, now all we do is ignore people & watch Netflix ☺️☺️☺️ Dress: @fashionnova

A random guy at the pool bar thought I bought him a drink after his futile attempts of flirting with me; but I just looked him dead in the eyes, gently put my hand on his chest, shook my head, and walked away double fisting BOTH MY margaritas 😂😂😂 #TFyouThinkThisIs #SirTheseAreBothForMe

Fun fact about me: I always eat dessert first. Ever since I was little. My go-to appetizer is a brownie sundae. I don’t really know why I do this but I always kinda thought “I can take my chicken tenders home and heat them up or whatever, but my ice cream will melt if I can’t finish it!” lmao that was always my logic. 😂 another fun fact: Friendly’s is my second favorite place to eat in the world! My first is ‘The Melting Pot’. Have you guys been there?? Also does anyone else eat dessert first??? I can’t be alone! 🍦🍰🍪

My heart is made of pink satin, cotton candy, & mini marshmallows. Please be gentle with me.

My brown eyes will be somebody’s blue skies one day 🌹✨🌈

When you post a cute picture that shows the same amount of cleavage (mind you the same amount I always have, except *gasp* the bottoms of my tatas this time) and suddenly I’m “no longer a Christian”, “a whore”, “not a virgin anymore”, ect..... YALL I DONT CARE IF I POST A VIDEO OF MYSELF COMPLETELY NUDE COVERED IN SMUCKERS GRAPE JELLY DANCING TO THE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SOUNDTRACK (UNCUT VERSION) .....I AM STILL A LOVELY GOSH DARN PERSON WHO RECYCLES AND SHOWING ANY PART OF MY BODY IS MY CHOICE BECAUSE I AM PROUD OF IT SOMETIMES OKAY?!? AND TODAY I FEEL LIKE A GOSH DARN GODDESS SO YOU CAN SHOVE MY LOVELY UNDERBOOB UP YOUR PIE HOLES .... and to the rest of you beautiful precious angels who cheer me on no matter what... you are welcome to join my smutty smuckers conga line.

I got 99 bobby pins and I can’t find 1

How cute is it when girls you don’t even really know or talk to comment nice things your pics?! We’re bringing drunk bathroom niceness into the real world YESSSS 👯‍♀️👏🏼❤️

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