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Jade 🐺  Dec.6 (20) ♐ June 7, 2016πŸŽ“ August 21, 2018 πŸ‘£ Jaycelynn Hope ❀ LG(B)T🌈 717 ➑️ York

I can keep a secret , can you ? πŸ’‹

If I didn’t tell you no, how was I supposed to grow ? 🌹

And I hope she can be your angel when you're going through hell πŸ‘Ό

😍😍😍 My whole world wrapped up in one video

I can't help you fix yourself, but at least I can say I tried πŸ’‹

You wanted me all to yourself,
but you didn't want to give all of yourself to me πŸ”±

She was made of springs and summers, that’s why when she left all he could feel was coldness. β›…

If she hating, tell that bitch to let it go 😘

I still have the love notes you wrote me back then, I'm writing the letter that I'll never send. 🎢

❇ Blessing myself with a new beginning, we all know I deserve it ❇

It’s a cold world. so fuck it, i’m a cold girl ❄

I might tell a lie if you asking me about my whereabouts. But I might talk that real if you ask me what I care about. πŸ’«

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