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  i'm jada. i do things. @equilateralcollective 🦋

couldn’t hit it if u niggas had aim🤧

a newer me

lil posh spice 💐

as my abundance grows so do my legs

really into the bitch i’m becoming lately. she’s unbound and fluid. she’s intentional with her word. she walks long distances without complaining. i promise to love n take care of her as long as i live!!!

new @ron_louis coming soon... shhh🤫🤧

practice. @gian.frias 🌼

‪it’s my birthday. 22 on the 11th day. ‬on a new moon, on the last day of the eclipse, during the lions gate portal. a time of literal magic in the universe. i feel like i’m being given a second chance to live again, but this time fully and with purpose and intention. feeling ~actually~ ready to close all doors to anything that doesn’t take me higher. 21 was lessons and perseverance. we not surviving now, we living. here’s to illumination, insight, and being present in every given moment. also would like to thank anyone that has supported me at any point in time, and everyone that still supports me as i evolve. i have so much love and gratitude to give. i’m ready for it all. ASE ASE 🦋 (also @gabra_cadabra and @notcaejones had the sweetest lil breakfast set up for me this morning. angels for real😭✨)

Divine Timing.

serving / shining 🖤@anishaspice @wndrmuseum🖤

got to see something beautiful and special today. @wndrmuseum 🖤

dripped in @tatianahazel💧🧡

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