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i still have a hard time embracing life's colorful lights and abundance. i still have a hard time accepting that i am an intricate, complex being. i have a hard time admitting that inferiority starts outside and eats me up within - on my own watch. i filled notebooks on notebooks with poems and tears and scratches and love letters to my future self. so many ruined pages, so many golden ones. i know now that i'm better when i'm honest, and i'm honest when i'm creative. when i'm transparent. it's the only light i want to see myself in. it is time for me to start now and forever bask in the light i deserve to live in, and let others see me however they'd like. it doesn't really matter. only i really know me.


Enjoy my new favorite set by le bae @lili__fang🎾

when ur off the moon rocks

Beach day polaroids, 5/16/17

A photoset💙

Styled by me ⭐️ errythang else by @ddesigns_ ⭐️ coming soon yaaaa

my right hand, the man behind it all. a lot of things in my life wouldn't be possible without you. i love you.

Only posting this bc the last thing in my notifications in a white boy telling me that racism is a "conspiracy" and honestly- I'm tired of seeing it

📸: @repertoire_r

shooting @nike x @finishline today❤️

just look @ him

💜 Tuesday

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