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just an ugly, uglyin it up

got a new haircut and i don't know how to act

Thank you guys for all the great feedback on this series and for connecting with something that most people think doesn't exist. As this ends, I'd like to let you ruminate on one last thought: even the happiest kids can be unhappy.
Mental illnesses aren't always something you can see on the outside. It is sickness of the brain. Worldwide, someone commits suicide every 40 seconds. From the time you started reading this, to the time you'll be done reading this, we will have already lost two beautiful souls. These are things people have to live with, and they are still expected to carry on and do their daily deeds just like every "normal" person. It's difficult. I hope this encouraged you to be more open minded, more understanding, and for those dealing too, you aren't alone. I love you, I'm here for you, and you can do it. Thank you for listening to my story.

Tee was made by @suoivated, a young designer who hopes to send a message. They are for sale as well. This shirt inspired this series. I hope I can inspire you to support. Thanks again.

For Mental Health Awareness month, I created a series that depicts what it's like when artists/people are forced to work, create, and perform while dealing with mental illnesses. "General anxiety disorder: (GAD) is much more than the normal anxiety people experience day to day. It is chronic and sufferers experience severe worry and tension, often without provocation. This disorder involves anticipating disaster, often worrying excessively about health, money, family, or work." I also struggle with generalized anxiety and panic disorder. I experience uncontrollable, out of the blue panic attacks that will make me pass out, and almost make my heart stop and kill me. I've been dealing with it over half my life. Over six million people will experience it this year - it's common. Talk to your friends and family who struggle with anxiety of any kind, because there's MANY kinds, and it truly can be painful and traumatic. #mentalhealthawareness

as Mental Health Awareness month comes to an end, i wanted to do something to bring light to an often hidden aspect of millions of people's everyday lives. This short series represents how artists and people are forced to work/forced to create/forced to play happy when their insides don't necessarily reflect such feelings. 15 million adults and over 6 million teens struggle with depression annually, including me. It is becoming less taboo, but I still think people underestimate what a monster it can be, and how it can make the most simple tasks mundane or impossible. My shirt reads: "Even the happiest kids can be unhappy", made by @suoivated, speaking volumes about a serious topic, so boldly but easy to take in and in one hard hitting sentence. I'd like to encourage everyone to do some research on their own and talk to your family and friends. Keep them mentally healthy. Much love to you all.
Photos @nicosirridge, new hair @laadyheroin, and thanks to @midnightcinema for letting us create this set.

crying & smoking woods on set.
i'll explain later.

i still can't believe i had a storefront on Fairfax for a day. shits wild. anything you dream can be real, kids.
Chicago pop up coming soon 💫

i still have a hard time embracing life's colorful lights and abundance. i still have a hard time accepting that i am an intricate, complex being. i have a hard time admitting that inferiority starts outside and eats me up within - on my own watch. i filled notebooks on notebooks with poems and tears and scratches and love letters to my future self. so many ruined pages, so many golden ones. i know now that i'm better when i'm honest, and i'm honest when i'm creative. when i'm transparent. it's the only light i want to see myself in. it is time for me to start now and forever bask in the light i deserve to live in, and let others see me however they'd like. it doesn't really matter. only i really know me.


Enjoy my new favorite set by le bae @lili__fang🎾

when ur off the moon rocks

Beach day polaroids, 5/16/17

A photoset💙

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