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Jacquelynn Pilcher  • mama 👩‍👧 • musician 🎵 • taco lover 🌮 • marketer 💻 • #journeywithjacq

When your niece has a costume birthday party... you seize the opportunity. 😏 #teamgrease

Without her I wouldn’t get to celebrate this holiday, so thank you nugget. Being her mama is the best. ♥️

Whoa. I look different without glasses. 🤓

I clean up okay. 💁🏽‍♀️ Photo cred: my six-year-old 💕

Baby girl wanted a smoothie. 🍓🍌♥️

I sure love this little person who gave me this Mama title. ♥️

Sappy. Post. Ahead.
This woman was my W O R S T enemy.
I can honestly say that at one point I felt a true hatred in my heart for her. But here’s the kicker. I disliked someone.... I
Sound familiar?
It should. We judge people on a daily fucking basis with no clue who the person is, what she’s going through, how far she has come, her struggles, her griefs, her losses, her struggles.
This woman is my husband/boyfriend’s/ex husband’s/future “re”-husband’s ex fiancé.
We have fought together.
We have competed against one another.
We have crept on one another just trying to understand who the other person is... And recently... we became friends. I can’t express the amount of closure this has provided me.
It turns out we are so much alike one another. We have the same style, the same favorite colors, love the same bands, both sing and write music, love to perform, both are amazing, loving, strong mothers... I had this urge one day to just reach out to her and tell her I forgive her. Tell her that I’m sorry for any grief or problems I have caused intentionally and unintentionally... I told her I’m sorry.
Over the past couple months we have grown to know one another. We have became friends. I didn’t think that was possible. But I prayed on it. I think she probably did, too, some.
All in all, I love this woman. I want to say happy birthday to her. She is amazing. She is strong, talented, kind, loving, forgiving, and has a special place in my heart now, tomorrow, and forever forward.
Love you, lady! Happy birthday!

There’s nothing small about me besides my height and shoe size. Big personality, big busted, big in other places and proud of it, going big places, and big hearted. Just thought I’d pump myself up. #selflove


This right here will never get old. ♥️ #finley_fan #morningsnuggles

Chalked walls make me happy. Not sure what that’s all about.

Whoa. We made time for a date night. Had to document it. 😏

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