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Jacqueline Jax  Music Radio Host @AvALiveRadio♦️Artist♦️ "Better to be a lion for one day, than a sheep your entire life. Go after your dreams ferociously." 👇


I'm so excited to use this little guy in the studio this weekend. It's called the Duet by @apogeedigital .. my choice to go HD with a USB portable interface. I'm also using it to live stream soon. Sign-up for email so you can hang out with me live. (Link in my bio) @avidtechnology

Pass this message on to a friend!!! Starting May 1st A.V.A Live Radio will be hosting a great hashtag for all of our friends who want to kick start their live streaming and video channels. You'll see music performances, music videos, chats, rants, how to's, day in the life.. So much fun and entertaining stuff.

To take part in #AVAMayDay
Just use the hashtag when you launch or stream video on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram.

We will be watching for your videos and making sure they get shared out to all of our affiliated pages.
This should be so much fun to both watch and join.

Be your own kind of beautiful...
Don't let others define your beauty. Beauty comes from within and radiates out.
At the core it's made up of all those wonderful moments of connecting with others, experiences and even times when you are most at peace.
A soul is beautiful. Not necessarily the covering that can change any day and typically does.
True beauty comes from a much deeper place.
#beauté #beautyqueen

I'm recording something new now, are you on my private subscribers list to be sent the first release? Jump on because I'll be sending you a surprise video of me live working in the studio to celebrate. I've updated the link in my bio for easy 1 click signup. http://eepurl.com/cFuS4b

John Lennon once said " A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality".. This is why artists should always stick together and support each other. When you pursue a similar dream, there is a shared understanding of the struggle and the triumphs. Artists can grow together and inspire each other. There are no city nor country borders or boundaries in doing this. I am part of a growing music community that thrives on creativity and values connection.
A.V.A Live Radio is not just a station program, it's a community of artistic energy that is very powerful because it shares 1 voice and 1 unified purpose.
It is such a shame that other communities don't share that same value and focus as well.
Be good to each other.

Every artist heals us in ways we can't heal ourselves.
It's a blessing to have that skill and to heal myself in the process.

Rage up against the silent me that acts as if it doesn't matter.
There is a choice..
There is always a choice.. It's what we choose that defines the outcome.

I can stay quiet. Stay meek.
Keep juggling down the path of least resistance.
But I am not meek
I can rage and be the noise that settles down upon the hurdles
I can be loud so the hurdles will shrink.
Either option addresses what we all shy away from talking about.
But both are in constant motion addressing the problem in their own way... I choose my way.
Poem by JAX

Never let an unfriendly room get in your way. Think of your future and steal away the moments. The room can always change but you never should.

The tools of the indie artist in 2017....

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness.

I love stories that both inspire and motivate. It's interesting to read about people. How they live their lives, what drives them to seek and find something more than yesterday. What drives you toward making your world better tomorrow?

Big thank you to Carole Murphy @purse4thepeople for sending me this beautiful handbag. This incredible entrepreneur is creating eco-friendly bags in Butte Montana USA in partnership with Rainforest Alliance to use the Rattan that grows wild and is hand picked by the people of the forest. Go read their story at www.purseforthepeople.com ... The bags are amazing. I absolutely love them.

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