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Jacqueline Goehner  Costume Designer🧚 Cosplayer🧜 Gamer🧙 Nerd👩‍🔬 Model💃 Vote for me! Https://maximcovergirl.com/2018/jacqueline-goehner Patreon.com/JacquelineGoehner

I've been enjoying doing more and more time lapse videos on my cosplay makeups! This one is my Red Sonja (yes I did it again, but I liked the products I used for this one WAY more than the first video! Also, anything I show on here is not an ad. If I'm using the product, it's because I genuinely love using it ❤️ So what cosplay makeups would you like to see me do next?

#redsonja #shedevil #cosplay #redhead #dynamite #makeup #cosplaymakeup #makeuptutorial #timelapse

Just your friendly neighborhood redhead! Editing pics like these for my Patreon also realizing how I need to learn to switch up my lights! Oy! So much learning!

Also! I keep forgetting! I'm still in the running for the Maxim cover girl contest! So don't forget to vote for me! The link is in my bio/linktree! 😘😘😘 #redhead #bluelingerie #patreon #patreonmodel #redhair

Hey funny bunnies! It's been one crazy day after another! I've been working on Patreon sets, doing Halloween commissions for friends, doing wardrobe work, trying to expand my photo studio upstairs so I can put furniture up there for future photo sets, cleaning/organizing 25/8! This pic is from last month's Patreon set 😘 right now, I'm hoping to be finished with the pink and black lingerie sets for Patreon TODAY! ALSO! I love you guys! Hope you know that! OMG ❤️❤️❤️ #patreon #patreonmodel #denim #redhead

Here's another lovely shot of my Dabo Showgirl from this year's STLV by the awesome @albertlortega and my Bajoran nose was applied and made by my talented buddy @katodestefan ❤️❤️❤️ #startrek #stlv #dabo #showgirl #cosplay @startrek

Hey happy bunnies! Been at the Monsterpalooza this weekend! Love this Con! If you see me there, say hiyeeeeeeeeeee!!! Btw, the other day, shot this little number super quick as a test ...methinks this'll be on making an appearance on my Patreon! 😜😜😜😘😘😘 #patreon #patreonmodel #redhead #lingerie #lingeriesexy #backinblack #freethenipple

#fdf because friends who cosplay sexier versions of yourself is grand! I miss these people! This was at Dragon Con 2014 with @meeversdesu @katrinafox @gglindsayelyse @chloez77 and I taking a group pic and the guys recreating it on the bottom...we have awesome friends! 😜😜😜 Btw, if you haven't done it yet, don't forget to vote today (link in the bio/linktree) remember to vote daily 😘😘😘

Another day, another Maxim vote! Don't forget, you can vote everyday! Link is in the bio/linktre 😘😘😘 Also, just shot this earlier for my Patreon! New little pink number I found, but not sure about the color. IDK how everyone here feels about pink!

#lingerie #maxim #maximmagazine #pink #patreonmodel #patreon

Don't mind me, just whipping up something sezzy! We've got another 14 days of voting for Maxim's next cover model, and you can vote everyday too! So if you haven't yet, (Arnold's voice) do it naaow! Link is in the bio/linktree! You guys are freaking awesome, much love to my bunnies!!! 😘😘😘

So there's this Maxim thing going on and if you could just vote for me and fill out those TPS reports, that would be greeeeeeeeaaaat... But for realsies, the link is in my bio and linktree! You can vote for me everyday too! ❤️❤️❤️
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Some days, you just have to lie down and relax! Feeling so sweaty and hot after a day of carving stone! Oh man! 😜😜😜 What do you guys do to relax?! #nomakeup #selfie #redhead

I really do miss my short hair sometimes...*Le sigh*...should I cut it short again?!?! Also #fbf I still have that vest!

#shorthair #cute #redhead #short #hair

So here's one of my all time, life long dream cosplays! Princess Zelda from Ocarina of Time!!! I made her for @comic_con this year 😍😍😍 I definitely have to wear her again, but oh man, that bald cap gave me so much drama putting it on! Lol

#zelda #legendofzelda #princesszelda #zeldacosplay #nintendocosplay #nintendo #princess #cosplay

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