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jacqueline anne  Single mom to three. Artist. Illustrator💗✝️Jesus is my super hero. Lover of all things whimsical. Scripture based art journaling workshops.


Meet my rockabilly garden girl. She's my alter ego if I was brave enough to have an arm sleeve of tattoos. 😊
The May bootcamp assignment.. a journal that had to include roses and a quote from the famous gardener Gertrude Jekyll.
The mood board suggested using dark colors for the background. I absolutely love these assignments and the way the online class community is so, so inspiring. #matsbootcamp2017 #makeartthatsells #illustrator #illustratorsofinstagram #rockabilly #gardening #garden #journal #inspiration #retro #quotes

I've had to learn self care isn't an extra it's a priority. I used to be so task oriented I wouldn't let myself play until the work was done. But as you all know the work is always there, and that kind of mentality winds up making you sick. In the last few years I've made an effort to change my thinking, to relearn to live with balance. I still slip back sometimes into work mode. But grateful for this guy who helps make sure I get outside on fun hikes I'd never try alone. Hope you have some fun weekend plans in store too! It's Friday! I feel summer ever so close. #weekend #friday #getoutside #balance #nature #selfcare #malibuwinehikeswithkurt

I fell in love with my friend @stuckinthecoop 's garden markers with fun sayings. Lettuce pray and turnip the beet. For this beet and lettuce loving girl they had my name all over them. Lucky to have them in my garden. #buyhandmade #garden #veggies #containergarden #beets #turnips #lettuce

It didn't matter how late or tired I was last night I had to make the 2 1/2 hour drive home because my daughters love the tradition of making me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.
They've upped their game this year thanks to their creative little minds and obsession with diy tutorials. Those are egg yolks cooked inside the avocado. #grateful #mothersday #breakfastinbed

And this ... this is the amazing men's lounge complete with a leather couch and tv. So the men in your life have a spot to hang while you shop. Win win. #buyhandmade #smallbusiness #etsy #qbmarket

Doors are open .. day two of Queen Bee with lots of awesome vendors selling handmade. Come visit us at the Del Mar fairgrounds wyland hall. Look at this sweet spot for the ladies to hang out. #qbmarket #buyhandmade #etsy #smallbusiness

And this ... is the most amazing welcome sign ... lots of fun photo ops at Queen Bee today and tomorrow. Del Mar fairgrounds ... wyland hall. 4-9 tonight and 9-4 tomorrow. #qbmarket #buyhandmade #etsysmallbusiness #etsy

And it's day five of Queen Bee introductions ... all set up and ready for everyone who is on their way. Doors are open from 4-9 tonight and from 9-4 toMorris at the Del Mar fairgrounds at wetland hall. #qbmarket #qbmintroductions #willowofwonder #buyhandmade #artistsofinstagram #illustratedfaith #childrensillustrations #childrenslit

And a very big thank you to my assembly line helpers with packaging. I'm indebted .. and yes they did get some extra allowance. And my dad well he's just a huge help. Thank you @joesarnecky for taking care of my kids so I can head down south!

Day four of Queen Bee introductions.. a sampling of work coming with me. 5x7 prints of my latest designs .. they can be framed or take an envelope and mail to a friend! #qbmintroductions #qbmarket #illustration #willowofwonder #mixedmedia

Friends please go to @myhypebook and read about this awesome kickstarter book that will kick start your own confidence in what you've accomplished and what's to come. I think so much depression and the increase in people being dissatisfied with their lives stems from comparison to the highlights they see of other's lives while forgetting they have their own awesomeness in them and in front of them. ...
This will help you harness all that you are to drive you towards greater success in the future. Shoot we all could use a pat on the back. Oh and the writer and creator of the book is a friend and woman who is an amazing role model... I trust her ... so check it out and pre order your book today! I wholeheartedly agree with this quote. I let this happen and I've been fighting my way back ever since. You better believe I'll be getting a hype book too. #hype #confidence #riseup

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