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Today was an exciting day and I absolutely started to cry when I opened this! Thanks to everyone for sticking around and supporting my dream, I just want to make you ice cream forever πŸ’•

Pets + petnat πŸ’˜

Your house never looks as good as it does the day after it gets sold πŸ’”

β€œI often use the hypothetical out-of-control ice-cream truck. What would happen if you were walking across the street and were suddenly hit by a careening Mister Softee truck? As you lie there, in your last few moments of consciousness, what kind of final regrets flash through your mind? 'I should have had a last cigarette!' might be one. Or, 'I should have dropped acid with everybody else back in '74!' Maybe: 'I should have done that hostess after all!' Something along the lines of: 'I should have had more fun in my life! I should have relaxed a little more, enjoyed myself a little more . . .' That was never my problem. When they're yanking a fender out of my chest cavity, I will decidedly not be regretting missed opportunities for a good time. My regrets will be more along the lines of a sad list of people hurt, people let down, assets wasted and advantages squandered.”
Feeling heartbroken again today, so thankful for the inspiration and representation that Anthony Bourdain gave so many people. Please take care of yourselves and check in with your loved ones, we’re all in this together.

My first piece of Kate Spade jewelry was a good luck charm before an interview + I remember how I felt like I might just fool them into thinking I had my shit together because I had good enough accessories. I’m so sad to hear about her passing this week and so thankful for her inspiration. Being a business owner usually feels impossible, but imagining that Kate was once surrounded by boxes of purses in her apartment made out of potato sacks has always given me a sense of comfort that hard work can really be enough. Thinking of all the strong women in my life and how thankful I am for themπŸ’˜

It's been a year of calling Maine home and what a wonderful year it's been πŸ’˜

Pink Lemonade Sorbet slices πŸ‹

10/10 never enjoyed cabbage so much

Could there be a better way to start a new decade? Thanks for the cake @gravitok 🍍

My great great grandmother, great grandmother + me. Long live the Salisbury photobooths πŸ’˜

One man's trash is absolutely now my treasure πŸ’˜#kroehler

That time of year when rhubarb ends up in everything

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