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I looooove this kid #babyjroloff

Also the most thanks to this lady for helping me in every way and reading and rereading endlessly to check for errors. And for her support.
Izzy Sofia Rock deGarretón, I love you a lot.

She will, by the way, be out with her own writing project soon, so be on the lookout!! #rockandroloff

So I am working on book #2, which will be titled Out To See and coming soon.. and I realize I haven't thanked everyone who has read and bought Verbing so far. It has been really exciting getting feedback, and immediately working to make the next one better (and longer). Here's just one bit from this one:
"I allowed myself to be in such a frustrated state of mind for a long time, until hitting a wall of reason knowing that there must be another way. I retreated just a little bit further into seclusion with books, and cultivation of intellect and mind. These too, I have learned, are just tools. Tools for finding a sense of self, love, and respect for others, and appreciation for reality — which you then realize has been there all along, waiting, whereafter you can cease cultivation and enjoy the dance of the moment." .
If you *haven't* read it yet... you can visit my Etsy (link in bio) or find it on Kindle ('Reading' app for iPhones). Thank You!! #squandernottheseopportunities #verbing #rockandroloff

Today was on a whole other level. "Just like everyday life except about two feet off the ground." My beautiful, sweet, genius sister got married.
Simple as that, but with a lotta love. I'm still taking it in reviewing the pictures. Molly Jo Silvius.

MY TWO LADIES. #moarluney

DAY ~1 / DAY ~1095


Hey! My lady just posted her first writing piece on our website rockandroloff.com... It's part of series exploring what various emotions mean to her, and the struggles and ease on the way to feeling them.
It's really good.
This first one is dealing with HAPPY. See: the picture above.
The link to it is in my bio, go check it out!

TODAY and TOMORROW are the last days to try to win this new Alan Watts book 📚. If you comment tagging 3 friends, and follow @celebrating_alanwatts by 2pm tomorrow, you'll still have a chance to win!
Check out @celebrating_alanwatts for excerpts of the book, along with other Watts lectures.
OUT OF YOUR MIND is available on Amazon as well through the link in my bio. Happy reading! *Giveaway Closed* Winner: @ladyinthought

Excerpt from the new Alan Watts book OUT OF YOUR MIND. I'm giving one away!! Comment on this post OR my previous one tagging three friends, and follow @celebrating_alanwatts to participate!!
Winner chosen on July 12th.
• • •
#Repost @celebrating_alanwatts
{Enjoy context}
"I'm not saying it's a bad thing to take your individual life seriously. But you could also see your problems and challenges as manifestations of nature, like patterns in waves, or waves in the ocean, or shells upon the beach. Have you really looked at a seashell? There's not an aesthetic fault in it anywhere—it's absolutely perfect. Now, do you think that shells look at each other and critique each other's appearance? 'Well, your markings are a little crooked and not very well spaced.' Of course not, but that's what we do. Every one of us is marvelous and complicated and interesting and gorgeous just as we are. Really take a look into another person's eyes. They are jewelry beyond compare—just beautiful!" ~Alan Watts page 42 of the most recent publication: "Out of Your Mind" (2017) {http://amzn.to/2pY2TGF}
#AlanWatts #alanwattsquotes #CelebratingAlanWatts #taoism #Vedanta #om #SacredAll #RadicalAcceptance #RadicalForgiveness #RadicalEquality #mindfulness #Philosophy #buddhism #peace #nirvana #satori #Hallucination #Ego #Truth #wisdom #CelebratingAlanWattsArchivingProject #CounterCulture

Hey everyone!! I'm going to be giving away a copy of Alan Watts' new book OUT OF YOUR MIND: TRICKSTERS, INTERDEPENDENCE, AND THE COSMIC GAME OF HIDE AND SEEK.
Watts is a fantastic, supremely enjoyable writer. He has, above all, prompted me to think and question deeply what I assumed was business as usual, and introduced me to subjects and ways of looking at the world that never occurred to me before, bringing much needed clarity in my search for meaning. This new book is a brilliant starting point for people just getting interested in his writing, as well as those well versed in it.
If you want to participate, all you need to do is comment on this picture tagging 3 friends, follow me [@jacobroloff45], and follow @celebrating_alanwatts. The winner will be chosen in one week (July 12th). From the book: "The whole world is energy at play—it's a kaleidoscope of jazz. .. So you might normally approach life cautiously, but seeing the world as [suchness] makes it possible for you to become much more involved—to feel, love, and throw yourself at the mercy of these goings-on completely."

If you CANNOT WAIT to read it, you can check it out on Amazon, with the link in my bio.
Happy reading!! *Giveaway Closed*

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