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Jacob Wilson  🌈 Actor. Singer. Fitness. Music Junkie. @Burial13 Ambassador. Entrepreneur. #SpreadLove #GoodVibes

@lapride was magical. So happy this was my first Pride Festival experience. It is a truly liberating and freeing thing to be a part of. Talking to so many people from different backgrounds was a highlight of the weekend. Met so many beautiful, kind and loving people; all coming together for love and rallying against hate. We must CELEBRATE diversity, not denounce it. 🌈🌈💕💕💕❤️❤️

“All the love you won’t forget...” HAPPY PRIDE MONTH 🌈🌈💕❤️❤️❤️
@iiswhoiis @macklemore tonight at @theforum w/ my love @cameroncalles #momentsforgood

Still in shock over last night. I surprised my bf with GA pit tickets for @pink. P!nk has helped us both through so much, especially with @cameroncalles. The GA pit experience was worth every penny. I’ve never felt so immersed at a concert to the point I’m brought to tears. She grabbed on to all of us in the pit, even stopped to sign Cam’s tour program and sign someone’s arm for a tattoo. Last night meant so much to my heart. Thank you @pink for an unforgettable time and thank you @savemartcenter @livenation for bringing her to Fresno! See you again in 2019! #RaiseYourGlass2019 #Pink #beautifultrauma #beautifultraumatour

Great time hanging out with Izzy from @1051theblaze. Was good to catch up at the @paparoach concert earlier this week. Thanks for being so rad and genuine. You’ll always have my support, wherever your career takes you!! So great to see so many familiar faces this week. xx

Out here 😎 #americanidol

Throwback to #GrizzlyFest 2017 with @cameroncalles. Where should we journey to next? 🧐🤨🤔 lets get a little further than Fresno, I say Orlando? ✈️🎢 @iflyfresno #iflyfresno #myfatchance

Life is like a merry go round; lots of ups and downs. Sometimes you get dizzy but everything keeps going around you. Time flies, eventually the ride comes to an end. It’s how you go through the motions that define you. ❤️

I love @disneyland 😭❤️😍

Last year, I met someone who would change the course of my life. We ended up going on a date to see the remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast a few months later (365 days + 1 ago.) It was that night we asked each other to be boyfriends. We’ve had some of the most incredible, joyous times together. We’ve also shared some of the most challenging, difficult and painful moments of our lives with each other. Though we both went through a rough patch, love is about coming together as one. Love is about setting aside differences and loving each other through challenging things. Love is kindness, patience and forgiveness; and it is beautifully fucking traumatic. I wouldn’t trade having you by my side for the world.
PS yesterday for our year, you surprised me by taking me to see Aladdin at the Pantages in Hollywood, so I only thought it would be fitting to blindfold you the next morning and drive to the Happiest Place on Earth. The best part about being here is sharing these last two days with you; sharing this last YEAR with you. I love you @cameroncalles. Love is worth second chances. We are a team and force not to be fucking reckoned with. I am happy to call you my partner today, and every single day.

Great hangz with friends and @adoredelano last night! You’re INSANELY talented gurl! #slay

Happy #internationalwomensday to the best woman out there; love you Mom 💕

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