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Jacob T. Grant  🔅Self Taught Artist🎨 🔅Painter based in KY 🔅15 Yrs 🔅Commissions available Via DM!📥 or email jacobgrant654@yahoo.com

Finished this Ale8 Oil Painting! I’m very proud of the glass and the highlights on this piece! Who knew such an unhealthy drink would look so dope in a painting? #art #oilpainting #youngartist #artforsale #ale8 #kentucky #kentuckyproud #kentuckyartist

*THIS IS NOT FINISHED* but... if you like pieces like this, catch me @ the Belknap Art Festival in Louisville KY thru October 12th-13th!! I’ll be selling a mix of originals and prints and taking commissions! #belknapartfestival #custommadebyjake #jtgartworks #youngartist #oils #artforsale

doing a lil painting featuring a KY iconic drink #ale8

Finally finished this oil and I love how it turned out and I wanna do something like this again!! #art #oils #oilpainting #portrait #youngartist

WIP on current oil painting! Can’t wait to see how if looks in the end

Love how chaotic everything is displayed- kinda dig it but it’s also giving me anxiety. This is also the start of another painting which I think is gonna look very cool once it’s done! #artist #artistsoninstagram #painting

I FINISHED IT! This is going to be the first of many neon portraits and I’m excited to make all of them happen! This was really a learning experience because I haven’t painted in multiple lighting like this AND I haven’t painted reflections or frosty windows so it was really intimidating but I’m very happy with the outcome! I think the style choice to make the background more than 2D makes the painting extra special and cooler to look at. #art #neon #young_artists_help #oilpainting #artwork #custommadebyjake #jtgrantartworks #artist #youngartist #artistsoninstagram

Guess who may be at the Belknap Art Festival in October...? Also pretty cool stuff is starting up with my painting themes and selling! Planning to see more neon “aesthetics” and painting on clothing!! #art #vibrantcolors #belknapartfestival #wip

It’s been extremely hard to find a specific style of art that I’m most interested in- I like working large, I love portraits, I love vibrancy- but I do not know where it’s taking me. The stress I’m putting in myself to organize everything for my first festival (which I’m really hyped for) is causing me to focus on my interests and where art is taking my life and how. I don’t know if I wanna take my art to college or start my own business in a crowded town- it’s those kind of things I think about constantly. Even though I’m young I got big ideas but I wanna see them take off soon. I also wanna know how I can change people’s lives or impact them with my art and that’s something I don’t feel like I’m doing. If weird concept art is starting to pop up on this feed that’s probably why. I also am going to start selling more seriously and am planning to start a red bubble or my own website and sell clothing with my art on it. It’s stressful but one day I’ll figure it out. I’m only still searching for my art I guess. #artistrant

My friend @buentestudios is very talented! Go ahead and check her out! #photography #buentestudios

Y’all: if you send me any jacket, pants shirt, accessories, shoes, I’ll paint em! Designs are personally customized and shipped! For any interests or questions please email me (email is in bio) and talk about your next clothing aesthetic! #art #artforsale #custommadebyjake

I watched Moana for the 15th time and I’ve gotten in that kinda mood. So, I decided to paint Moana “humanized” digitally!! ☀️☀️Swipe right to see the time-lapse!! #moana #young_artists_help #digitalart #disneyart #art #portraitartist #realism #moanaart #pixar #moanadisney #howfarillgo

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