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Jacob Reinhard ☻  front management - miami t.h.e artist agency - washington dc ↓ my book ↓

happy #nationalcomingoutday ! the past four years have been years of true growth. I am so thankful for the friends and family who support me and the community i am a part of. love you all!

someone knit me some pants 🍂

a lean cuisine

and one more

my life lately has been school, work, and gym. BUT i have also been working hard at something that I am excited to announce very soon. it has been in the making for over a year and i’m super excited to share it w you all

throughout my childhood i was bullied for being overweight. it left me w a lot of insecurities, some of which i still have. it is normal to have insecurities no matter where you’re at in life. i have learned to accept them and not let them consume me. remember that the posts you see on instagram are curated and only show the best of someone’s life. whether that be vacations abroad w photo worthy food or photoshoots w very specific lighting and angles. remember to love yourself and know that you are beautiful!

bought some windex

swipe to see what’s behind that door

I thought this was a judgment free zone

jacob reinhard: the collection is finally out!! the book is 30+ pages and includes hand-written notes and exclusive photos. it features photos of me taken by ryan webb over the past couple years. thank you all for making this book happen and for supporting me for such a long time. this truly wouldn’t be possible without you. link in bio <3

manspreading 101

for my birthday dayva got me tickets to see kinky boots in nyc. was by far the best show I have ever seen. thank you so much for the gift and for being such an amazing person!

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