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When my man asks me to get to work in the kitchen😉

I’m coming for you Los Angeles✈️
(Reality check: I’ve been sick for 3 days, barely eaten & totally dehydrated but just pretend that I’m slaying and you don’t know any of that)👍🏼

Valentine’s Day ❤️

Who has seen my closet tour?🙋🏼‍♀️
I was so nervous to upload this video because even though it’s so requested, I knew I would get so much judgement & hate from people who don’t really know who I am. On that note, thank you to everyone who has been so kind & loving in the comments! I’m so thankful for you! I hope you appreciate the silliness of this video & also realize that it’s great to have nice things, but none of it matters without family, friends, good health & a pure heart! Stay true to you & dreams come true!🎉❤️

My closet tour is now live on my channel!👠👗❤️🐶💃🏼🎉🥂
I hope you enjoy the humor “hard work” & fashion that went into this video😂😂

I’m currently obsessed with red❤️💋💄💃🏼

The lighting was too perfect⛅️

My bathroom wallpaper called for a photoshoot.
Don’t be fooled, I was wearing sweatpants & fluffy socks😆

I’m living my best life in 2018😂


The lighting was so good, I made my sister take a picture of me on a random staircase for absolutely no reason😂
what can I say, a bitch was feeling herself🤷🏽‍♀️

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