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Jacqueline Laurita  AutismAdvocate.Author.TVPersonality.Cosmetologist.Email: jaclaurita@gmail.com Jaclaurita.myrandf.com Shop my favorite products with link in Bio below!

Nick just wanted to “make believe” it was Halloween! Turns out, he knew all along it wasn’t! Little Stinker! 😘 (See previous post)

This is in my stories but it made me giggle so much I thought I’d share it here too! Nick keeps on insisting it’s almost Halloween again so he’s refusing to get in the Christmas spirit with his #MusicTherapist @jamminjennnewjersey

I love this time of year because it means so much good food and spending time with family! That food comes at a price, though, and I often find myself feeling tired and bloated after a big family meal, which is why I’m so glad to be a #teamipartner! I’m on day 13 of the @teamiblends 30 day detox program and I’ve been feeling amazing! I have tons of natural energy and zero bloating, which keeps my tummy so flat! I love not feeling weighed down and tired all the time because this detox flushes all the build up out of your system! You need to check it out if you struggle with bloating like I do. And you can use my code JLA25 for 25% off yours! #thankyouteami

Website is:

Dec. 1, 1990 this beautiful princess @ashleemalleo was born! I’m so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. She’s really grown up and come into her own! Check out her new #podcast @parenthoodetc I Love you Birthday Girl! Thanks for giving me the gift of being a Mommy! (Your Mommy💕) #1stBorn 🎈🎂🎁🥂🍾❌⭕️❌⭕️💋❤️#Repost @ashleemalleo with @get_repost
@parenthoodetc 💩

Do you see this beautiful human?? READ THIS #Repost @ktech50 with @get_repost
Most people know me for being very tall, be able to play D1 basketball, for my personality, and the College about to attend next year, but nobody knows my true story my name is Kalin Bennett and I have AUTISM.growing up I’ve had a very hard time understanding a comprehending people, I didn’t speak until I was seven years old, are used to get picked on and bullied, and I never knew about it, and I used to not know when people used to bully me or when people were messing with me, it took me a long time to figure this stuff out but then I came across basketball. basketball has taking me to places I’ve never would’ve dreamed of being at and has made me meet new people, actually fantastic people and other former basketball players my dream and desire is to play in the national basketball Association or what you like to collect the NBA I have overcome many challenges and other obstacles that have challenge me but by the grace of God I’m still able to be here a lot of kids like me don’t usually get to this point because people put limits on us, I used to struggle with being different and being misunderstood but I think it’s a blessing to be different because your haters wouldn’t understand what’s gonna happen next 😀,they say I wouldn’t be anything, They said I wouldn’t be able to have a life, they said I wouldn’t be able to live out the best live a regular person can dream, but every single day I keep on proving them wrong and rightfully so for my dream is coming true, I did not write this to get FAMOUS or somethin I wrote this so that people can know my story and I can inspire others to keep going to keep pushing,to keep pursuing a dream no matter what others say because the only person at the end of our life e that has the final say is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so for whoever reading this keep pushing keep fighting because everyone’s future is bright. -Kalin

“There’s a new Santa on the block” & “Sleigh all day” sweatshirts for sale! 🤗❤️Proceeds raised from the sales of these fun sweatshirts will go toward helping families affected by #autism at @generationrescue
They’re available until Tuesday, November 27th at CharityStars.com/DonnieAndJenny 😊👍🏼👍🏼

😧📝SANTA??? 🤦🏻‍♀️🎄🎁 (“30 Minutes to a Quiet Baby” cracked me up! )

Nicholas had a blast at @skyzone the other day at his friends bday party! Trampoline (rebound) therapy can also improve posture, balance, coordination, centering, head control, muscle tone, burning calories, reduce stereotypic behaviors, increase #BodyAwareness #SensoryIntegration #ParallelPlay The repetitive motion of a trampoline can provide the self-stimulatory sensation needed and act as a substitute for other forms of repetitive movements and behaviors. Plus it wears them out for a more relaxing evening😘❤️

Today @chrislaurita will be @wholefoods in Spring Lake, NJ from 10-2 ! Go say hello and try @thelittlekernel #popcorn #nongmo #betterforyou #vegan #glutenfree #dairyfree #pureoliveoil

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! 🍁🦃 I’m so thankful I have connected with all of you! I hope you all have a very enjoyable day! (old picture but it still makes me laugh 😂 ) I still have thigh gap😁

Great night with awesome people at @bestbuddiesnj ! Thanks to all that helped my team earn Champions of the Year! Everybody worked SO hard! #kathyDiSavino & her son Jack are my heroes! @xxkathyd

Nicholas is following directions and keeping up pretty good here! #ProudMommy 🤗❤️

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