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Jack Lotter  - Muscle Model Pro @wbff_official - Head Coach/owner at @sheriff_training_systems www.sherifftraining.co.za

For 5 marks let’s discuss if this is even plausible.....

My thoughts on the current Tabloids....

‘THE SHERIFF EXPERIMENT’: EP 1: ‘BREAKING DOWN THE WHY’. [Check out the video on my YouTube Channel —> Link in bio]

It’s very important to have an introductory narrative to this process. Here I give people a little more insight and in-depth perspective to who I am, what I do, and where I’ve come from. I delve into the most fundamental and overlooked aspects of a fitness journey or ambition- the psychology.

I’d like to give special thanks to CT Fletcher for his hugely motivating influence on this process, and on me personally and to thank him for showing all the p*ssies in this industry what it really means to give something your all. If you don’t follow him already, do so:


My personal thoughts after perusing social media this evening....


My athlete and STS affiliate trainer @jacqui_steinmann has just released her cold pressed juice range and it’s absolutely fantastic. Delicious and perfect consistency of raw ingredients. If you are a client/athlete of mine personally you will know how much emphasis I place on getting our micronutrients from FOOD and not PILLS and as such rely very heavily on juices like these. 2 different profiles to choose from, DM her for order enquiries or email her direct Jax@sherifftraining.co.za.

- Training intensity up, but no where close to where it needs to be. Deliberately been ramping it up slowly as possible to avoid injury. Next week all hell breaks loose.
- Weigh in tomorrow morning. Nervous, don’t think I’ll make a good enough dent, but will take every week as it comes, and the good with the bad.
- Tired, sore and fuck irritable. Want to run certain people through with a rusty bayonet. Am eating like a horse again and stomach is....unhappy... to the extent that my bathroom may warrant the immediate presence of the Vatican.
-Official Episode 1 of ‘The Sheriff Experiment’ premiers tomorrow on my YouTube Channel- link in bio.
#SheriffExperiment #TheSheriff #FML

Those feels when you take too much preworkout before your second workout of the day. #SheriffExperiment #TheSheriff #SheriffSquad #BurningRedSkin #FML

Me 20 seconds into my aneurism after reading some of the absolute HORSESHIT pseudo-science in some of your fitness posts.


I’ve thrown it all away, for everyone to snigger, jeer and laugh at. No filters, no photoshop, no bullsh*t. Unedited. Raw. As real as it comes. In the next 6 months I’m going to do it all again from scratch. Every rep, every plate and every set. It’s all going to be documented for everyone’s viewing pleasure. I’m going to gain 30kg. I’m going to lose 20kg. All in only 6 months. On Friday I’m launching the first episode of ‘The Sheriff Experiment’ on my YouTube Channel—->Link in bio.
My name is Jack Lotter and my body is my business card. I live my mantra, do you?

Piece by piece, inch by inch.
30kg gain. 20kg drop. 6 months. #SheriffExperiment

According to a Businesstech article the Debonairs triple decker pizza is THE most fattening fast food meal in SA with 5000 calories.
Me 30 min afterward:

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