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Jack Lotter  - Online Coach/Professional Trainer - Muscle Model Pro - SSN Sponsored Athlete - Head trainer/owner at STS


I am Jack Lotter, also known as “The Sheriff” and I am the Head Coach and Founding Member of Sheriff Training Systems.
I am looking for hungry, enthusiastic and motivated clients to work with BUT, I have only 3 fundamental rules during your prep and they are as follows:
1. Honesty, and communication. Although I hope to build a good rapport with all of my clients, they are paying me for a service and it is essential that the lines are not blurred between friendship and coaching. I will not hesitate to call a client out for not giving of their utmost, cheating on their diet, not uploading progress pictures as directed or screwing around on plan. I am not your friend, I am your coach.
2. Value. Yes it is difficult to acquire great results, performance and get in fantastic shape. If it wasn’t and didn’t require discipline, fortitude and consistency I wouldn’t have a job. However, despite how incredibly difficult this process may be and how incredible the commensurate results are, this whole process must be ADDING value to your life. You must feel better for the journey, not just necessarily because you look better in the mirror. Your sleep, health, general feelings of wellbeing, your work and your relationships etc should all be benefiting from your increases in self confidence, self worth, accomplishment and pride.
3. Health first. Aesthetic aspirations are fantastic! But a healthy body is a greater performing, stronger and better body. Some of my clients are Bodybuilders and as such choose to make decisions in their personal capacities concerning their preps and the longevity of their health that are their own. Ultimately we are all our own judges, prisoners and executioners. However I want to make it perfectly clear that I will never condone, promote or endorse anything that jeapardises an athlete or client’s health, and their health markers must be constantly improving as a direct result of utilising my services.
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Training Enquiries: packages@sherifftraining.co.za

Goals. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
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@sarahsheriffsvixen and I grafting hard on online coaching in between our personal one-on-one clients. -
Wearing: @ssnonline
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Super impressed with my client, ambassador and Deputy Sheriff @lorenwhutton and her progress these last few weeks. As you can see she’s made some solid progress, dropping fat and gaining good quality muscle.
Haters will say it’s morphed
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Been watching a lot of your exercise videos with gumption this week for my own training edification. Turns out I’ve been doing it completely wrong this whole time. This is how it’s done ☝🏼 #PsuedoScience #Faeces #CheckMyForm #Lekke #StrongMan #APoes #Cancer

If you think you are a STRONG MAN, try this on for size. Your shoulder’s should loosen up each successive rep affording you the ability to open your arms wider and get more and more depth. Don’t do this unless you are thoroughly warm. Not for novices, and please perform at your own risk. Again, really great to get out of the monotony and rut of bread-and-butter pressing routines that are leaving you feeling bored/stagnant.
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Welcome to Sheriff Training Systems - South Africa’s Premium Online Fitness Training Service!
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The Sheriff Pec Superset

No. I didn’t invent this, but I have yet to see anyone else doing it so I’ll claim it for now! 😜

The floor press is an incredible chest movement to not only add variety and diversity to a monotonous bench only routine, but really helps break through sticking points in the lift, helps the “lock-out” portion of the ROM, and creates far greater muscle overload on the fibers as this lift affords you the ability to lift far greater poundages than a regular bench press. Make sure you pause and relax completely at the bottom of the ROM.
Due to the pause at the bottom of the lift, it removes the elastic energy that accumulates during the eccentric portion of the ROM, making it quite a bit harder to push through the concentric portion of the lift. It also feels absolutely amazing!

After hitting several warmups and ensuring the shoulders and shoulder capsules are significantly warm and “loose” slab some poundage on here, and when you start to seriously fatigue during the set, or reach failure take longer and longer rests between each reps until you make the desired rep range. Sometimes I rest 15-20 seconds at the very last reps of the last set to just inch out that desired rep range- this is far easier to action because you don’t need to wrack and rewrack the bar when you fatigue, you just push! As soon as you are done, flip over and drop the plates (best with a partner to assist) and hit some weighted push-ups, using the smith bar for added resistance! I advise getting the bar around mid-scapula so that the bar runs JUST parallel to your forearms at the bottom of the lift- that’s where it sits most comfortably without sliding around.
Give it a try and let me know about the pumps you get.
Enjoy 😎

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Throw it way back to my wedding day with my most gorgeous and beautiful @sarahsheriffsvixen the day after @wbff_official World Champs- the day I got my WBFF Pro Card in the Amateur Muscle Model championships.
It was pretty cool going to the States for the first time ever, getting my Pro Card and then marrying this lil mynx the day after.
Sometimes the best way to draw inspiration for the future is to look at how far we have come, and what we have achieved retrospectively.
Going to be hard to top this going forward, won’t lie 😜
#WBFF #WBFFPro #TheSheriff #MrsSheriff

Back stage shots taken today for the renewed launch of my brand and for @ssnonline. I have some talented individuals assisting me with the look, feel and direction I would like to take my platforms.
Stay tuned for loads more beneficial and informative content, even more expletives but still not a single fuck anywhere to be found.

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Consistency. - I have always prided myself in my pull-up strength, something that I literally built from the ground up from where I couldn’t complete a single pull-up without assistance to where I am today. By making the pull-up a priority of mine, focusing on them with a lot of volume and progressional steps and movements incorporated weekly I managed to get my pull-up strength to a point where I could do 6 reps of strict pull-ups with @sarahsheriffsvixen hanging off me so cleanly executed that I could kiss her over the bar with each rep with a deep stretch at the bottom. At 106kg at the time, that’s not too shabby.
Here I am doing weighted type-writer pull-ups with 20kg merely for variety and bragging rights! 😜
Form is not super sharp, but I’m confident this year with my training back on track and injuries behind me and being managed, I’ll make these videos look like faeces. 😎
Will post some back workout tips this week to develop the strength needed to grow “wings” and get stronger at the “squat of upper body exercises”, the Pull-up.
Training @forzaexecutivefitness
Using @ssnonline to fuel my workouts
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If you stop to throw stones at every mutt that barks at you, you will never reach your destination. #TeamSTS

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The STS Trainers are the best in the business. Using the latest and greatest training techniques, nutritional guidance and a high-tech web and smartphone application to deliver your programs directly to you, complete with HD exercise videos and instant contact with your trainer anytime, anywhere, there is no better way to get leaner, stronger and healthier!
Visit www.teamsts.net to find out more.
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