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Jackson Watkins  graphic designer, beer maker, beer lover, currently based out of Atlanta. Subscribe to my channel on youtube!

My review of @mysticbrewery Vinland 3, from 2014 is available via my livestream for the next 24hrs.

@sierranevada Ovila Plum Quad 2013 and @brasserieaubaron Cuvée Des Jonquilles @theporterbeerbar

My thoughts on Fountain Drink from @edmundsoast: A: creamy, soapy, 2.5 finger head, hazy copper golden body, good retention and nice lacing.
S: Immediate strawberry and slight tartness, there is a sweetness coming through as well, this beer smells as described.
T: Right away this beer is strawberries and cream, it is sweet, fruity and milky, there is a very slight astringency that gives this beer a much needed balance, as the beer sits the vanilla and a heavier lactic creaminess come on strong.
M: Creamy and smooth, light carbonation carried in the thickness.
O: This is not my kind of beer, that being said, it achieves exactly what it is going for and does so with great success. It's not what I want when I reach for a beer, but it is fantastic for what it is, if this sounds like your bag, you will not be disappointed.
#beer #ale #neipa #ipa #edmundsoast

My thoughts on @parishbrewingco Ghost in the Machine: A: Pours up an opaque, juicy yellow orange, with a spotty, foamy, one finger head, with nice lacing.
S: This is a juice bomb, citrus, mango, peach, it's all there in the nose, in addition to the slight cheesy note that comes with the heavily dry hopped beers.
T: You are met up front with a nice touch of bitterness, before being brought into the thick juice flavors of this beer. Orange, mango and general citrus abound, even some pineapple, with some slight breadiness and a general sweetness.
M: This drinks like milk, it's thick.
O: It's an excellent beer, not as good as some of the NEIPA's I've had from Trillium, Other Half, and Bearded Iris, but still a damn fine beer. It's worth your time. #beer #ale #indiapaleale #newenglandindiapaleale #parishbrewing #ghostinthemachine

An assortment of beers from the gulf. @parishbrewingco @fairhopebrewing @haintbluebrew @bigbeachbrewing

Question for my fellow beer nerds (possibly a heretical one) do you ever blend beer? If so, why? If not, why not? In the last 6 months or so, I’ve picked up this practice out of something of a necessity, because the degree to which I love traditional French Biére de Garde and the availability of said style do not align. I blend a good traditional saison with a Czech or German Pils (preferably one in a green bottle) and an old school American IPA (something malty or toasty like celebration, or 90 minute) and that gets me pretty close. Thoughts? Love to hear thoughts from @markonthebrink @jake_favier @kennyderenbecker @acaruso02 #beer #craftbeer #blendingbeer

Mini Keg Hopslam @bellsbrewery

My thoughts on Cuvée Armand & Gaston from @3fonteinen: A: Pours up a hazy golden orange with a frothy and soapy white head with tightly packed bubbles.
S: Strong funk and prominent vinegar are immediate on the nose, the funk is sharp and powerful. There are some subtle hints of sweetness and malt here but it is minimal. It's super strange but as the beer sits out I begin to get this aroma that is reminiscent of seriously burnt food (specifically popcorn) and sharp pepper (this is not a plus)
T: Immediate funk, pineapple and peach with a sweet aftertaste, the peachy sweetness is really prominent here, it is fairly sour, but not to a punishing degree. This is an incredibly juicy beer. Some peppery notes start to creep in as the beer settles. Some cherry manifests as well.
M: Light and dry, somewhat silky, not even a little sharp.
O: I was not impressed by the standard Drei Fonteinen but this was a different story, a very excellent bottle of Gueuze. It didn't blow me away, but it is incredibly well executed (I'd still prefer hanssens though). This is probably the juiciest bottle of Gueuze I've ever tasted. (PS: PUT THIS BEER BACK IN GREEN BOTTLES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD) #beer #ale #lambic #gueuze #geuze #sourbeer #wildale #belgianbeer #3fonteinen #cuveearmandandgaston #armandandgaston #brouwerijdriefonteinen

Early birthday beer. I have one every year on the 25th as my gift to me (extenuating circumstances prevent that this year unfortunately). @stbernardus oak aged at 4 years, sadly next year will be the last time I do it, because I only have one bottle left. At this vintage it starts to really take on a barley wine vibe, though the Belgian yeast does still come through, tannins are mostly absent and though the apple seems absent too, it does make a surprise appearance as the beer settles out. Phenomenal as always. #beer #ale #belgianale #belgianstrongale #belgiandarkale #belgianstrongdarkale #belgianquad #belgium #stbernardus #stbernardusabt12 #stbernardusabt12oakaged #belgianquad @markonthebrink

@davidnilsenbeer these are the two beers the store had from them when I found them. They seem to be imported by a company called “great domaines and estates” out of Windsor, California. @greatdomaines. Seems like it’s almost exclusively a wine importer, or at least that’s how they market themselves.

Thought I would try using a nosing copita (specifically a glencairn glass) for beer, it’s actually a really good glass to examine flavor and aroma.

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