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I Wanna Change The World  I coach people to change their life 💯 Survived🏍accident to change the🌎 JOIN ME IN BALI 6thJune👉@activeescapes 👇Mind & Body Transformation EBOOK👇

When the lighting is on👌 who’s going to the pineapple 🍍 festi? 🥂 #sendit

Pre DEADPOOL 2 workout 🤪💪🚷
Struggling to build back thickness? Try these modified standing rows 💪 4-5 sets working on pyramid sets getting heavier each set working on the squeeze + add some pull ups that’s a must! If your not doing pull ups it’s time to take out the tampon 🙃 #TeamJFit
Who’s seen the new Deadpool? What’s the verdict? No spoilers ya fuckers 😜

Challenge yourself to do things you’ve never done before. Your success lies not in perfect outcomes, but in braving the courage, in believing in yourself enough to just try. There is absolutely no shame in making mistakes, or even falling on your face. It’s all part of being alive and being a human being. Don’t be discouraged to try again or to try something new. Keep expanding your experiences, keep growing. This life, this day is short and waiting for you to seize it! Carpe diem!
What are you waiting for? Every day is a opportunity to grow mentally and physically. My biggest transformation is not visual! You feel me? It’s on the inside! My heart! My soul! My mind! MIND & BODY TRANSFORMATION 👊
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● Consuming too little tryptophan makes us depressed and angry and has been blamed for multiple wars and acts of cannibalism
● Too little sugar or water-soluble vitamins (the B’s and C) will induce changes in brain function that we will notice after a few days of deprivation.
● We can all benefit from consuming anti-oxidant rich foods such as colourful fruits and vegetables, fish and olive oils, red wine, vitamins regularly over their life span. In general, the benefit comes from the fact that all of these foods provide our brains with some form of protection against the most deadly thing we expose ourselves to
every day - Oxygen. Because we consume food, we must consume oxygen. Because we consume oxygen, we age. Thus, people who live the longest tend to each food rich in anti-oxidants or simply eat a lot less food.
● Recent studies suggest that nicotine and caffeine may prevent the toxic actions of oxygen in our brain which is why I’ve included them here.
● If you wish to alter your current brain function or slow your brain’s aging you need to consume foods that target specific chemical processes.
● Our brains powerfully reward us when we eat sugar, fat and salt; thus there is an oncoming epidemic of obesity-related illnesses.
● Food has both negative and positive effects and it all depends upon what you consume, how much you consume and for how long.
This information above was taken out of my new Mind & Body Transformation guidebook 👇👇👇
Want to learn how to Get in shape mentally and physically? How to set up your diet for your goals and body type? How to train body weight or gym for your goals? It just takes some guidance. That’s why I created the 12 Week Mind & Body Transformation Challenge. join our community and become mentally & physically stronger every day through simple daily habits flows/stretches, easy and fun workouts, tasty meals for fat loss, tips on how to conquer anxiety, depression, fear. How having ADHD actually helped me create my dream physique and how you can to :) Let me guide you to Success in your business or Job by giving back to your body ❤️🤸🏽‍♂️ _
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Meet my incredible client @sam_pringle_1, Sam’s lost over 10kg in past 12 weeks and we have actually increased her food/calories. No restrictions (except liquid calories) (sam was drinking coke/Pepsi or iced coffee every day & not eating any food. This actually blew me away and it made me realize that this is not rare and many of you reading this may drink liquid calories and not realise that’s the reason your putting on fat and getting sick. What did we work on to start with? Lots of positive empowerment and self love. Sam wasn’t eating food because deep down she didn’t think she deserved food. She looked back in the mirror and seen guilt, hate and negativity.
I can now happily report that @sam_pringle_1 is off all coke/Pepsi/iced coffee, by following my 12 week mind & body transformation ebook and is regularly practicing meditation 🧘‍♀️ and self love. Just want to say seeing sam make this mind body transformation gives me tears of joy! This is my passion 👇
I wanna change the world, I want people around me to feel the power of positivity. I won’t stop until I’ve changed 1 million lives.
If you want to be one of those lives, head to my the link in my bio and click join the challenge, you receive my 52 page Mind and Body transformation Ebook, meal plans, workout programs, our private Facebook group, weekly check ins and access to me as your online trainer 6 days a week 💪 (yes you can’t reach me on Sunday, that’s God’s day 😜 I also like to have 1 day away from the office)
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When you lose a bet with mum 😂
This is literally the most I’ve laughed in so long ! I literally love you so much muma ❤️
To see more of us dancing check out my IG story 👉 @jacksonjfit -
#zumbamum #zumba💃 #mumandson

🐶 reunited with my boy ❤️ I was really worried Rufus wouldn’t remember me. But as soon as he smelt me it was non stop Hugs and kisses 😂 probably the only dog I’ll let lick my face 😂 I know it’s pure love ❤️
It’s been 12 months but best friends never forget that bond! Check my IG story for our beach adventure 🏖 @jacksonjfit

Does anyone remember Rufus? Broke my heart not being able to look after him anymore it’s been nearly a year since he left! I’ve been super down whenever I think about my little ruffy! But guess what? He’s back living close to me again so I’m planning on going over to pick the big woof dog 🐶 for beach sprints this afternoon ❤️ stay tuned 🐶❤️

Sweat city 💦 @snapfitnessmaroochydore GRAND OPENING. Check my IG story for behind the scenes on our new high performance gym and the epic live footage from Today’s classes. 💪🔥💦

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
My best selling ebook “The Mind & Body Transformation” has changed hundreds lives around the world 🌎 my goal is to change 1 million lives as & I won’t stop sharing my vision until I do. Do you want to be one of those people? Are you ready to feel true happiness, love & abundance? Let’s do it together! Link in my bio! Mind and body transformation Ebook is waiting for you 🔐🌏
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Welcome to the team 💪

What is it like to be at @tonyrobbins event? Hit play🎥|| the energy is next level 🔊🤘🤣
#nac2018 #tonyrobbins #tonyrobbinstour #tomorrowland #cochella2018 🤣

“Where your focus goes, energy flows” @tonyrobbins // its Absolutely life changing to spend the arvo with Tony Robbins! What a incredible human and coach!
Comment below if you know who Tony Robbins is? Cmon gotta be a few people who know this legend? 🙌
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