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Good times

Helping out @oceaniaaths with some Shot Put coaching in Tonga. Tonga's first level 1 coaching course in Athletics since 1992 apparently. There's gonna be 20 new Athletics coaches in Tonga after this course is finished!!!

176kg - 3 in the garage with a Bench Press bar. Not very good technically 😂 but really happy because I have only done Power Cleans 3-4 times since February 1 because of the torn adductor

A few birds!

205kg - 5. 3 weeks until 250kg attempt

Took dad out for a little afternoon fish, did pretty well! A 60cm+ kahawai and a few 50cm+ snapper!

Unveiling grandma's new headstone, and seeing grandad who fought in ww2. Good Easter morning with family :)

Earlier this week when I challenged the fastest guy in New Zealand to vs me on a scooter 😂 But seriously give the great man @josainnz a follow, he just ran 10.18 and 20.37 to become one of the fastest guys in New Zealand history!

Unfortunately I'm not Competing at Nationals this year because of a torn adductor which happened around 10 days ago. I've still been Training really hard in preparation for Nationals but the leg is just really weak when I pivot in the middle of the Throw and I feel this very sharp pain every time the foot lands. There's just no power in the leg anymore due to the injury :( I've been battling adductor pain the last 2 Competitions and this week finally got an MRI which confirmed the grade 2 tear and have made the decision to rest and follow rehab for a couple of weeks before starting preparations for the European Season. With the risk of the muscle tearing further by Competing, the decision was made pretty easy. Just want to wish everyone good luck who is Competing!!!

Good Competition, 20.92 Metres and 4 Throws over 20.66. Great Competition to be a part of :)

3rd with 20.69M at Big Shot, great to Compete against the Olympic Champ!

Not a bad way to spend the day @kieranwatkins

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