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Jack Mitchell  A Walking Paradox

Even your Mum loves it

People say running isn't a real sport tell that to all my screaming fans in the stand

Too many fans not enough cans

All Irelands🙏🙏

Don't you hate when you can't crop a person out of a pic fully...

When it's the 2nd of April and I'm still surrounded by fools...

Drinks Jägermeister once...

To everyone who doubted us to put it nicely, Suck your Mum

I've never been to America but I've been in some states let me tell you #HennyGoneStraightToTheFace

Here's a useful fact 'I run fast' backwards is 'tsaf nur I' which in Latin means absolutely fuck all...

Stephen told me to caption this "Pink to make the girls wink but Mitch doesn't make them wink" I don't even really like the photo I just want to highlight his Caption Game... #PresKilledHisBanter #AndMyWillToLive

Me pointing at my Identification for the next 391 days 🔦🔦#Twins? #SayNothin

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