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Jackie Zurfluh Photography  capturing life in spokane, wa + worldwide 🌎 also @zurfluhjloveszurfluha

I’m never going to be good at captions.

You can now call them Mr. and Mrs. Berard πŸ’›

Moody photo for moody weather Wednesday.

I ever so graciously got logged out of my photography account a few weeks ago, couldn’t remember my password, then got locked out I tried so many times to log in. So now all my patient and beautiful couples who have been awaiting their insta sneaks, the days are close ahead, my friends. Also, these guys saw me get scared to death during our shoot and heard me say some not so pleasant things while terrified. Thanks for still keeping me around you two. πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #jackiezurfluhphotography

At least it's no longer Monday πŸ™ŒπŸ½

My dogs ran around the corner while editing and got caught in my laptop charger and knocked everything charging onto the wood floor. Currently too scared to open the laptop to check on the screen πŸ˜…

Clever, relatable caption. #jackiezurfluhphotography

Sunday mornings done right. #jackiezurfluhphotography

During shoots I like to make you run, spin, chase, and maybe do some sort of a trust fall or two. They experienced all of the above and didn't fall once. These two are perfect and impressive. #jackiezurfluhphotography

I need to hire someone to write captions for me. #jackiezurfluhphotography

Finished dinner. Laundrys done. And I was about to put my phone away for the night and remembered I had to share HER. #jackiezurfluhphotography

Currently finishing up the last bits of packing for a trip. 80% sure I'm over packed but then typically I under pack and don't have everything I "need" aka want. Next dilemma is each place I'm going has different weather 😬 Sooo practically my whole closet is in my backpacking backpack and it probably weighs way more then it's intended to hold but.. it's packed! So that's my night and now here's these lovers for you.

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