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Jackie Hill Perry  disciple. wife. mommy. writer. teacher. poet. emcee. | Author of “Gay Girl, Good God”

“In all the noise, we must embrace our freedom in Christ, as we step back from the onslaught of online publishing and the proliferation of digital sages. By grace, we are free to close our news sources, close our life-hacking apps, and power down our phones in order to simply feast in the presence of friends and enjoy our spouses and families in the mystery, majesty, and ‘thickness’ of human existence.” - Tony Reinke ( 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You )

People will often ask me ,”How are you an introvert but you enjoy talking to a lot of people on stage.” What they don’t understand is that on a stage, I’m talking TO people, not WITH people. It’s the WITH people part that makes introverts wanna go hide in a closet somewhere.

When your earring won’t let you preach in peace. 🙄
Full teaching is on my website: www.jackiehillperry.com and my YouTube page: YouTube/jackiehillperrychannel

White people are afraid of my husband. The thing is though, they’re afraid of a caricature, not him. He, is kind actually. A man with integrity who loves God and neighbor. To them (not all but many), his color represents threat.
He’s a black man so he must be deadly.

It’s exhausting.

I’ve had a busy day but before this bed makes all of my dreams come true, I have to wish my Mother a Happy Birthday! I love you Linda Ann and remember, don’t let nobody steal your summers. However many you have left, they are yours to enjoy. ❤️

Word on the street is, @lifeway is having an After Thanksgiving Sale and this book is only $5 online and in stores! Get one for yourself and the fam! | www.lifeway.com

Just because a friendship is getting difficult doesn’t necessarily mean it’s supposed to end. Anything of depth takes work to maintain. The difficulty could be the natural consequence of moving beyond the surface and into a friendship that’s built on something more than commonality.

Poor Autumn. She only ate milk for Thanksgiving.

Me: Eden, take a picture.
Eden: *hits girliest pose ever.*

Word to the wise:
Bring a new pack of toilet tissue and paper towels to your family’s house on Thanksgiving.
They’ll love you forever.

Death never makes sense. Especially when it’s used to describe someone you didn’t expect it to come to so soon. Efechto was just a good dude. Always welcoming. Always hospitable. Always Ron. We saw each other once a year at whatever Christian conference me and @prophiphop ended up at. I’ll miss this man. But I know he’s good. @djefechto

These are the books I’ll be getting into this December. What y’all plan on reading? (Tweets and captions don’t count.)

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