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foster the person  Δ papa to Pablo • zen neophyte • movement junkie

good talk #KhangserRinpoche 🙏

happy Mother’s Day Mimi ❤️

To the best mom & wife ever. Pablo & I love you tons ❤️ #felizdiadelasmadres

Trigger • 11/30/04 - 04/21/19 shoutout to everyone who helped me dogsit or find this guy over the last 14+ years. Trigger was the best dog I’ll ever have. He will be missed.


#tbt #10yearchallenge barely know that chain smoking dude with hair on the left



winter break ☀️

the Mrs

no cause for anything but gratitude. this little guy is one year old today. Happy Birthday Pablo 🎈#LifeOfPablo

almost one