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Jack Harries  Filmmaker & Environmentalist 🌱✊🏼 // @wwf_uk ambassador // New film on YouTube 👇🏼

Brain Fart 💨 I think the fear of sounding like a hypocrite has prevented many people from talking about climate change. We are all responsible for the varying forms of environmental degradation that plague the planet today but we MUST be able to talk about these issues without fear of being ridiculed for hypocrisy. It’s hard to leave your front door without having some sort of negative impact... but should this mean we can’t discuss the issue?
If we are to move forward in the fight to save the planet (ourselves), we must stop pointing fingers at each other. (Unless they’re a CEO of a major fossil fuel company or climate denying politician... then go right ahead 🙃) Individual action adds up, but the actions of certain companies and the inaction of govement trumps all. We must find a way to move pass individual blame and start to collectively take action. It is ultimately our only hope.
With that said, there is power recognising that you’re not doing enough. Recently I’ve begun to feel uncomfortable with my carbon footprint from flying so I’m going to be making some changes.
The first is to drastically reduce my air travel this year and the second is to offset all of my carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting is obviously not a solution, but it is a positive step in the right direction and a simple action I can take today. I’ll be posting more about this soon. What do you guys think? Do you worry about these sorts of things? What did you think about the school strikes this week too? 💨

Missing my brother Finn who is spending three months living in Tokyo after four years in New York. I’m starting to think it’s personal...come home soon.

Being able to travel with my work is one of the greatest privileges. With @Americanexpress by your side for travel tips and Global Assist when you need it, your office can be anywhere. #Amexlife #Amexambassador

Catching the last rays of sunlight in Trancoso before we leave. I’ve been overwhelmed by the abundance of nature and natural beauty here. 🍃 🇧🇷.

Who’s doing Veganuary this year? Last year felt so exciting to see veganism move out of the sidelines of counter culture and into the mainstream. Reducing and eliminating your meat intake is simply the single biggest thing you can can do as an individual for the environment. This year record numbers have signed up to @weareveganuary to commit trying a plant based diet for a at least a few weeks. (14,000 people on the first day!) With vegan options becoming cheaper and more widespread, why not give it a go? I gave up eating animal products four years ago and I’ve never felt better. What are your New Years resolutions? ✊🏼🌱

Brasil 🇧🇷

Happy New Year from Chapada Diamantina National Park in Brazil! 🇧🇷

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it or just a good old week if you don’t. Today is @aliceaedy’s birthday which means it’s been two years since we met. How time flies. 😍 Have a great holiday and see you all on the other side! 🎄

Team work makes a dream work. A group shot after a long day shooting with the man himself Sonam Puntsho. Watch the short film on the @wwf international YouTube channel or the behind the scenes over on my YouTube channel. (Link in bio.)

Earlier this year we travelled to Bhutan to make a short film for @wwf_uk. You can watch the behind the scenes from our trip on YouTube now. Link in bio! 📷: @matthewkfirpo

New film on YouTube! I’m super excited to be sharing the behind the scenes from our recent trip to Bhutan today. Link in bio... It’s been a while. 🤪

Sir David Attenborough was chosen to represent the world people at #COP24. His speech, shaped by global conversation on social media, highlighted the public’s demand for urgent climate action. #TakeYourSeat .
Video by @guardian
#Fightforyourworld #ClimateChange #DavidAttenborough #NatureMatters #NewDealForNature

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